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Family: Allergic Boy, 3, Died After Being Given Sandwich

Facility then failed to call an ambulance

(Newser) - A heartbroken New York family is mourning a 3-year-old boy whose death they say was completely preventable. Elijah Silvera was given a grilled cheese sandwich at a Harlem daycare on Nov. 3 "despite them knowing and having documented that he has a severe allergy to dairy," family members... More »

There's a Major Misconception About Dairy

It's not linked to increase in cardiovascular disease: study

(Newser) - Gouda news for cheese lovers: Despite claims that the fatty treat does damage to your cardiovascular health, a review of 29 studies has found no evidence that full-fat dairy products like cheese and milk boost one's risk of death, heart attack, or stroke. While many dairy products are high... More »

America Has Way Too Much Cheese

Dairy stockpile is the biggest in decades

(Newser) - America has its problems but a cheese shortage definitely isn't one of them, according to the latest USDA figures. The stockpile of unsold cheese has swelled to more than 1.2 billion pounds, its highest level in records going back to at least 1984, Bloomberg reports. The cheese glut... More »

New Luxury Item: Butter?

Price hits all-time high amid surge in demand

(Newser) - Will American shoppers soon be saying, "I can't believe I can't afford butter?" Butter prices hit a record high on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange this week, and with the levels of the stuff in storage down 42% over this time last year, "Americans are about to... More »

America, Get Ready for 'A2 Milk'

Proponents say it's healthier than current variety, which is rich in A1 protein

(Newser) - Those sickened by US milk may not be lactose intolerant—in fact, if they were to head abroad, one in four might find the stuff easier to drink. That's because of a protein known as A1 that's typically predominant in the milk of Holstein cows, which are widespread... More »

After 20 Years, Dairy Industry Dumps 'Got Milk?'

New 'Milk Life' campaign focuses on nutrition

(Newser) - After nearly 20 years, the dairy industry has decided its "Got Milk?" slogan is nearing the end of its shelf life. Amid slumping sales and stiff competition from the likes of almond milk, the Milk Processor Education Program has switched to a campaign called "Milk Life" that aims... More »

Whole Milk Linked to ... Skinny People?

Healthy dairy choices getting more complicated

(Newser) - Drinking fattier milk will make us fatter ourselves, right? Maybe not. New research reported by NPR suggests that whole milk is actually linked to lower weight. A study by Swedish experts found that, over a 12-year period, middle-aged men who used whole milk, cream, and butter had a lower risk... More »

Organic Milk Really Is Better for You

Grass diet boosts heart-friendly acids, researchers say

(Newser) - The jury is still out on the health benefits of organic food, but organic milk appears to have some genuine advantages over conventional milk, according to new research. Almost 400 samples of both kinds of milk found that the organic stuff, from cows grazed in grassy pastures, was richer in... More »

Lawmakers Agree to Avert Milk Cliff—If They Have Time

But don't worry, slow USDA might make it a moot point

(Newser) - In a desperate bid to avoid the dreaded " milk cliff ," House and Senate Agriculture Committee leaders have agreed to just extend the 2008 farm bill for another year—assuming they can get around to doing so. Given the drama surrounding that other cliff, House Republican leaders tell CBS... More »

Milk Biz Scrambles as Sales Sour

Americans drinking less of it than ever

(Newser) - The long decline in American milk drinking has accelerated, leaving producers facing what they describe as a major crisis, the Wall Street Journal finds. Americans still get through an average of more than 20 gallons each of the stuff per year, but that is down nearly 30% from 1975 and... More »

One of World's Priciest Cheeses Made From ... Gold

Clawson Stilton Gold has gold leaf in it, costs $95 per slice

(Newser) - If the idea of eating a $95 tiny wedge of cheese seems a little too, well, rich for your tastes, consider this: How often do you get the chance to dine on real gold? The Independent reports on England's "blingiest" cheese, a stilton flecked with edible gold leaf.... More »

Cow Superbug Jumping to Humans

Scary new form of MRSA found in dairy herds

(Newser) - A new strain of the drug-resistant "superbug" MRSA has been found in British cows, and it appears to be spreading to people. The strain, identified in cows' milk by researchers studying udder infections, is genetically very different from the dozens of other strains of superbug identified, reports the BBC... More »

Japan Radiation Found in US Milk

Very low contamination poses zero risk, FDA says

(Newser) - Traces of radiation from Japan have been found in a sample of milk from Washington state, but the EPA and FDA stress the level is far below that which would affect humans, and there is no need for consumers to worry. The March 25 milk samples showed levels of radioactive... More »

US Pushes Cheese While Warning About Fat

NYT: USDA sends decidedly mixed messages

(Newser) - The New York Times cries foul on the Department of Agriculture for being two-faced on cheese. On the one hand, the department warns people to cut down on saturated fats, like those found in dairy products. On the other, one of the department's very own marketing arms, called Dairy Management,... More »

China Launches Emergency Sweep for Poison Milk

Firms accused of recycling tainted milk powder from 2008

(Newser) - China has ordered an emergency sweep to seek out and destroy milk products tainted with melamine. Officials have ordered a full investigation of the latest milk scandal and promise offenders will be harshly punished, AP reports. Some companies are believed to have reused milk powder recalled after milk tainted with... More »

Glut of Heifers Enter Milk-Flooded Dairy Industry

Semen-sorting technology bolsters herds, depressing already depressed prices

(Newser) - Times are tough everywhere, but dairy farming, never the industry of millionaires, is reeling from a double-whammy of its own making. Three years ago, new semen-sorting technology allowed farmers to ensure nine out of 10 calves born were female (bull calves largely end up in McDonald's wrappers and the like).... More »

Got Milk? Kids Who Eat More Dairy Live Longer

(Newser) - A new study suggests that children who eat more dairy products live longer lives, the BBC reports. Researchers followed up a 1930s study of childhood diets and found that those who had diets rich in milk, butter, and cheese had lower mortality rates from strokes and other causes. The children... More »

Dairy Farmers Going Udders Up

Economy slams cow tenders

(Newser) - Dairy farmers are struggling to survive in the face of huge drops in the price they get for milk, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Though grocery store prices have stayed relatively constant, farmers are now getting just $10 for each hundred pounds of milk they sell, down from $20 in... More »

US Blocks Chinese Milk Products

FDA demands independent tests before products can enter

(Newser) - All Chinese products containing milk will be blocked at the US border until tests prove they're free of a widely used toxic contaminant, Bloomberg reports. The FDA is demanding independent testing to prove such products are not tainted with melamine like those which sickened 50,000 children in China. The... More »

Eat Less, Or the Icecaps Melt

Meat a big climate change contributor, study finds

(Newser) - To avoid catastrophic global warming, people need to cut way down on their meat and dairy consumption, a new report on climate change says. Four modest servings of meat and about a quart of milk a week are all we should be consuming, the Guardian reports. And the report urges... More »

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