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Hackers Hit Sony Again

LulzSec claims new cyberattack

(Newser) - According to hacker group Lulz Security or LulzSec, the current score is "hackers 16, Sony 0." That's what the group posted yesterday after claiming to have staged the 16th recent cyberattack on the electronics company. LulzSec posted a file containing Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network source code,... More »

Sony Bolsters Bet on Music Industry

Potential new deals behind $900M buyout of partner Bertelsmann

(Newser) - Sony will buy out Bertelsmann AG’s half-share of the Sony BMG music venture for $900 million, the Wall Street Journal reports—a significant bet in an industry that has seen little good news recently. Though sales of recorded music are down, Sony’s other ventures—its own consumer-electronics franchises,... More »

Record Labels Sue Chinese Sites to Block Illegal Music

Industry takes on huge world of downloads

(Newser) - Major record labels are suing two Chinese websites that allegedly allow illegal music downloads in a case that could have a huge impact on the way the Chinese obtain music.  The groundbreaking multi-million dollar case over copyright infringement could pave the way for even larger claims, the Wall Street ... More »

MySpace Music Takes On iTunes

Joint venture with record companies aims to create competition

(Newser) - The world of online music buying looks set for a shakeup with the launch of MySpace Music, announced today. The joint venture between MySpace and three of the big four record labels aims to compete head-to-head with iTunes, CNET News reports. Music industry bigwigs are said to have long felt... More »

Sony Goes Viral With 'Thriller'

New YouTube videos promote song's 25th anniversary

(Newser) - When Sony BMG wanted to work up some excitement for the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” a conventional campaign using the reclusive artist didn't look like a winner. So the label went the guerrilla route, staging “impromptu breakouts” of the "Thriller" zombie dance at... More »

Amazon Will Sell Sony BMG Music Sans Copyright Curbs

Fourth major label to join up

(Newser) - Amazon will sell songs from Sony BMG free of digital rights management, making it the first online music store to offer tunes without copyright enforcement mechanisms from all four of the major labels. Many consumers have long opposed the use of DRM because of its potential to hinder playback on... More »

Sony BMG Will Bail on DRM

Label becomes fourth and final industry giant to ditch copy protection

(Newser) - Sony BMG will begin offering at least part of its music catalogue online without restrictive digital rights management mechanisms, Business Week reports. The decision comes after the other three major labels—Warner, EMI, and Universal—decided to ditch DRM in 2007, challenging Apple's 80% share of the legal music downloads... More »

7 Stories