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Obama's appearance on 'Between Two Ferns' has effect

(Newser) - President Obama's appearance on online comedy show "Between Two Ferns" appears to have paid off: The Funny or Die website that hosts Zach Galifianakis' show is now the leading driver of traffic to, reports the Washington Post . A White House health care spokesperson says traffic surged... More »

Jason Alexander Begs: Help White People Keep Netflix

Donate to the Netflix Relief Fund today!

(Newser) - This year has seen "tsunamis, wars, earthquakes" ... but surely the worst tragedy of all has been Netflix's decision to raise prices . "This is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to white people," says Jason Alexander in a Funny or Die PSA. Fortunately, there is... More »

Savage: If Santorum Isn't Careful, I'll Redefine 'Rick'

Sex columnist recommends Santorum hold off on gay-bashing

(Newser) - Dan Savage knows Rick Santorum is pretty unhappy with him for turning the word "Santorum" into a less-than-pleasant sexual term —but Savage actually "displayed remarkable restraint," he says, by only redefining Santorum's last name. He'll do the exact same thing to Santorum's first... More »

'Crazy' LiLo Lookin' for Love on 'eHarmony'

Faux dating ad cops to "crazy" antics

(Newser) - Recently single Lindsay Lohan is “looking for someone who I can spend the rest of my life with. Or, at least, the rest of my probation with,” she says in a video on, Perez Hilton reports. Aping an eHarmony commercial, LiLo describes herself as “a... More »

Cruise, Obama Top List of 2008 Viral Videos

(Newser) - In the vast, fragmented online universe, videos tend to entice some and disgust others. But every year offers a list of viral vids enjoyed by all. The Washington Post runs down 2008's best:
  • Tom Cruise on Scientology: A rambling, fervent Cruise extols his religion, saying he's the "only one
... More »

Snarky Stars Wage Protest in Prop 8 Musical

Jack Black is Jesus in 3-min. online rip on gay-marriage ban

(Newser) - Hollywood found a new way to protest California’s passage of anti-gay-marriage Proposition 8: song and dance, the AP reports. Prop 8: The Musical, posted on FunnyOrDie, features Jack Black as Jesus reminding the religious right that shrimp cocktail is also a Biblical “abomination.” The hero of the... More »

Office Lunch, With a Side of YouTube

White collars snacking on web clips during their break

(Newser) - Byte is meeting bite in offices around the country as workers opt to stay in during their lunch breaks to watch web videos, the New York Times says. Websites are eating up the “video snacking” trend, developing net-exclusive content that’s targeted at the lunch crowd, and workers are... More »

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