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Dudes Get Paid to Goof Off in Recession brings sophomoric fun to MTV

(Newser) - High above the streets of Manhattan, where recession fears and Madoff angst prevail, a horde of twentysomethings are filling an office with 40,000 plastic balls—or counting how many bags of Doritos a colleague can eat. Meet the folks behind, the popular, if puerile, website whose TV... More »

He Gets Paid So You Can Slack editor dishes on the unlikely science of wasting your time

(Newser) - Wasting people’s time is an odd job—but it’s also a big business, writes editor Streeter Seidell in the New York Times. Seidell spends his days wading through an “ocean” of submitted videos and other items, choosing which funny or bizarre selections deserve publication. Yet... More »

Office Lunch, With a Side of YouTube

White collars snacking on web clips during their break

(Newser) - Byte is meeting bite in offices around the country as workers opt to stay in during their lunch breaks to watch web videos, the New York Times says. Websites are eating up the “video snacking” trend, developing net-exclusive content that’s targeted at the lunch crowd, and workers are... More »

3 Stories