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Mathematicians Reveal 'True Protagonist' on Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister takes the cake in Westeros

(Newser) - There are so many characters in Game of Thrones it's hard to keep them straight, let alone identify the main character. Mathematicians Andrew Beveridge and a student from Macalester College turned to "network science" to sort it out, searching for instances in which two characters' names appeared within... More »

Say Goodbye to NBC as We Know It

It's probably going be more like a cable network

(Newser) - Monday was a milestone for NBC’s misbegotten Leno experiment: only 4.6 million tuned in, the worst Monday of the year, writes Matthew Greenberg. This is getting so bad it may signal the beginning of the end of NBC as we know it. The network’s rationale for putting... More »

Why Hollywood Wants Leno to Fail

Some see new, cheap show as threat to jobs

(Newser) - Tonight marks the premiere of Jay Leno’s new show, and many in Tinseltown—not just rival execs—are hoping it flops, the Los Angeles Times reports. That’s because it substitutes cheap fare for the traditional 10pm drama. Many in the industry see the show as a “potential... More »

Internet Hookup Would Make Appliances More Efficient

Linked fridge, for instance, could adjust usage automatically

(Newser) - Electric bill breaking the bank these days? Your fridge might be able to help, when developers start bringing Internet-ready appliances to market, GigaOm reports. Proactive dashboards could control energy usage to save money and conserve by telling wired appliances to reduce power during certain time periods without human input, and... More »

Russians Must Register Their WiFi Devices

New rules would mean mountains of paperwork

(Newser) - WiFi users in Russia better get ready for mounds of red tape—every capable device will now have to be registered, the country’s Mass Media, Communications and Cultural Protection Service has ruled. Individuals must register, Wi-Fi Networking News reports, and licenses won't be transferable. Until now, indoor use of... More »

FCC Boss Nixes Bid to Open Up Wireless Networks

Systems already 'open enough,' he says

(Newser) - The head of the FCC has rejected a request from Skype to open up wireless networks to outside devices, AP reports. The Internet phone provider wanted wireless operations included in a 1968 FCC decision that required AT&T to open up its network beyond its own devices that paved the... More »

Dreamliner Vulnerable to Hackers

Boeing 787 links Internet users to navigation system, FAA warns

(Newser) - Boeing's 787 Dreamliner could be vulnerable to onboard hackers, an FAA report finds. Turns out service providing in-flight Internet access to passengers is linked to flight systems, including navigation and communication, Wired reports, introducing the prospect of cabin-based hacking. "This is serious," says one network security analyst. More »

7 Stories