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Video Captures 11-Year-Old Escape During Carjacking

1 suspect arrested Friday in Illinois

(Newser) - Police on the case of a carjacking in Aurora, Ill., have released footage showing a girl's quick escape from the vehicle as her father tries to intervene. Surveillance video from a BP gas station shows a man exit the passenger door of a Dodge Charger and jump into Mark... More »

Trump Shares Far-Right Group's Anti-Muslim Videos

They came from Jayda Fransen, ultranationalist figure in Britain

(Newser) - President Trump had a busy morning on Twitter Wednesday, and his decision to retweet three anti-Muslim videos is making headlines not only in the US but in the UK. That's because the videos originated with an ultranationalist political figure in Britain named Jayda Fransen. The videos, here , here , and... More »

Critics Liken Trump's 'Real News' Videos to State TV

Kayleigh McEnany, who just left CNN, hosted the most recent one

(Newser) - Kayleigh McEnany stood out at CNN as a conservative voice and fierce defender of President Trump during the campaign. Now she's left the network and has turned up, at least temporarily, as the host of a pro-Trump broadcast via the president's Facebook page . McEnany appeared over the weekend... More »

Insomniacs Fuel Popularity of 'Brain Orgasm' YouTube Videos

If videos of hair brushing and shoulder rubbing get you sleepy, you're not alone

(Newser) - The grating sound of nails on a chalkboard that leads many to shudder is a well-known phenomenon, but it has an opposite, and people call it Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, aka ASMR. People may have different triggers—whispering, light touches on the face, hair brushing, etc.—but the end... More »

Disney Cuts Ties With YouTube's Biggest Star

PewDiePie paid men to hold 'Death to Jews' banner

(Newser) - Felix Kjellberg—better known as PewDiePie—is YouTube's highest-paid star, making an estimated $15 million last year, but he has lost his deal with Disney over posts deemed to have crossed the line from "provocative and irreverent" to simply hateful. Disney said it was cutting its ties with... More »

ISIS Threatens US Troops— via Video 'Trailer'

Terror group channels Hollywood in 52-second clip

(Newser) - ISIS has released a new video, apparently threatening to kill ground troops should the US deploy them—and it looks a lot like a movie preview, the New York Times reports. Amid slow motion, quick cuts, and music clips, the 52-second video (which YouTube has taken down), apparently titled "... More »

Mystery Woman Makes Millions With 'Toy Porn'

YouTuber's anonymous videos get billions of hits

(Newser) - Want to make millions on YouTube without ever showing your face? Try posting videos of yourself "unboxing" children's toys (with a deliberate crinkle of the packaging) and showing how the toys work. It helps to have a pleasant, sing-song voice and nicely manicured nails, too. All of this... More »

38% of Remaining Blockbusters to Close

With 3K employees getting the ax

(Newser) - The latest news for Blockbuster is more of the same : Bad. Some 300 of the remaining 800 Blockbusters operating in the US are to be closed, Dish Network announced yesterday. That company acquired the floundering video-rental chain in 2011, and shuttered 500 stores last year. The latest round of closures... More »

Paul Ryan: Let's Make America 'a Tax Shelter'

... and consider Americans either 'makers' or 'takers'

(Newser) - Mother Jones has dug up two more politically charged videos—these of Paul Ryan describing a rather Ayn Randian economic vision for America. In one , he told American Business Magazine last year that the US should make its tax rates competitively low: "Let's make this country a... More »

Homeless Paid $50 to Get Beat Up in Fetish Videos

Dominatrix films violate Florida hate crime laws, suit charges

(Newser) - Owners of a Florida Internet company are being sued for paying homeless men $50 to be filmed while women punched and kicked them in dominatrix fetish videos, according to court documents. The company sells "beatdown videos" of women attacking men for up to $900 on its site at Shefights.... More »

YouTube to Users: Flag Videos Backing Terror

Facing government pressure, site says it can't screen everything

(Newser) - Under government pressure to remove videos that promote terrorism, YouTube is calling on users to decide what fits the bill, the Los Angeles Times reports. Officials like Sen. Joe Lieberman have urged the site to remove such material, but YouTube, concerned about protecting First Amendment rights, has refused to screen... More »

Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy

Stores will remain open

(Newser) - Troubled video-rental chain Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 protection today, saying it plans to keep stores and kiosks open as it reorganizes. In a submission to the US Bankruptcy Court, the company said it reached an agreement with bondholders on a recapitalization plan. More »

Sorry, Nancy Grace, You Will Be Filmed in Court

Judge tosses out request to ban video cameras

(Newser) - Despite her protests, Nancy Grace will have to smile for the camera when she gives a court deposition this week: A judge has thrown out the TV host's request to keep the video cameras away from her testimony. Grace will be defending herself against a wrongful death suit by the... More »

Watch 100 YouTube Classics in 4 Minutes

Thanks to a new mash-up, you can catch up on four years of pop culture in a jiffy

(Newser) - Want to catch up on YouTube’s greatest hits but don’t have the time? No problem: Just watch a new 4-minute mash-up that brings 100 of the best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint) together. Clips include such classics as “Keyboard Cat” and “David After Dentist,”... More »

10 Essential Jackson Videos

(Newser) - Michael Jackson videos are once again hot commodities. Here are Newser's top 10 posted on YouTube and showing up on favorites lists all over (to see them, click on "Videos" at left):
  • His 1983 Motown TV performance, in which he shows off his moonwalk.
  • "Thriller"
  • "Beat It"
... More »

Dead Man Says Guatemalan President Killed Him

(Newser) - A Guatemalan lawyer killed Sunday in an apparent assassination left behind a blockbuster legacy: A video accusing President Alvaro Colom of orchestrating his murder. Released at Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano’s funeral, the tape shows the lawyer explaining calmly that Colom had it in for him because one of his... More »

Top 10 Bush Gaffes on YouTube

Presidential bloopers including inadvertently insulting a queen

(Newser) - During his 8 years in office, George W. Bush created the biggest presidential blooper reel in history. Time narrows the field of YouTube gems to a top 10:
  • Shoe toss in Iraq. Bush has no idea why a Iraqi might hurl footware at him, but the episode spawned scads of
... More »

Nintendo to Launch Videos for Wii

Service will begin in apan in 2009

(Newser) - Nintendo plans to launch video programming for the blockbuster Wii game console, reports AFP. Players could access original programming online to watch on their TV sets. The service will  be aimed initially at the Japanese market and expand to markets worldwide. Rival Sony already uses its popular PlayStation for online... More »

Muppets Spring Back to Life on YouTube

Appearance of Henson's famous puppets online has fans buzzing about comeback

(Newser) - The Muppets, largely in retirement since 1981, have been pussyfooting their way back into the spotlight via YouTube, France24 notes. In the past month, Sam the Eagle, the Swedish Chef, Beaker and others have set up accounts, uploading clips on a regular basis and sharing comments like "Meep meep... More »

Jury Sees 'Martyr Videos' in UK Terror Plot Trial

Discussed bringing families on suicide missions

(Newser) - In London yesterday, prosecutors introduced “martyrdom videos” as evidence against eight British Muslims accused of plotting to destroy US-bound airliners in 2006, the Times  reports. One video, found in a man’s garage, envisioned “your people’s body parts responsible for these wars and oppression decorating the streets.... More »

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