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22 Years After Dolly, Another Breakthrough in Cloning

Researchers clone primates for 1st time

(Newser) - For the first time, researchers have used the cloning method that produced Dolly the sheep to create two healthy monkeys, bringing science an important step closer to being able to do the same with humans, the AP reports. Since Dolly's birth in 1996, scientists have cloned nearly two dozen... More »

Study: Roaming Florida Monkeys Excrete Virus That Can Kill You

Only 50 people have contracted the virus worldwide, but 21 have died

(Newser) - Wildlife managers in Florida say they want to remove roaming monkeys from the state in light of a new study published Wednesday that finds some of the animals are excreting a virus that can be dangerous to humans. Scientists studying a growing population of rhesus macaques in Silver Springs State... More »

Lawsuit Over Monkey Selfies Settled Out of Court

Revenue will be shared with wildlife charities

(Newser) - A lawsuit over who owns the copyright to selfies taken by a monkey was settled before a federal appeals court could answer the novel legal question. Under a deal attorneys announced Monday, the photographer whose camera was used to take the photos agreed to donate 25% of any future revenue... More »

Meet 'Uncle Fat,' Thailand's Morbidly Obese Monkey

The chunky monkey has been put on a diet

(Newser) - A morbidly obese wild monkey in Thailand who gorged himself on junk food and soda left behind by tourists has been rescued and placed on a strict diet of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables, the AP reports. Wildlife officials caught the chunky monkey—nicknamed "Uncle Fat" by locals—after... More »

Japanese Zoo Sorry It Named Baby Monkey 'Charlotte'

Naming macaque after England's new princess has proved a royal pain

(Newser) - A month ago, no one would have said boo about the name chosen by a Japanese zoo for its new baby monkey. But a month ago, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana hadn't yet entered the world, and now Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden is fielding a "barrage of complaints" about... More »

Was 'Hero' Monkey Really Trying to Save Its Buddy?

Answer is not clear, one expert says

(Newser) - A video showing a monkey apparently attempting to revive his companion has gone viral after being posted on YouTube this weekend, but is that really what the monkey is doing? The short answer, according to National Geographic : It's not clear. The rhesus macaques in the video are shown at... More »

Searchers Play Baby Monkey Calls to Lure Macaque

Research monkey is missing in North Carolina

(Newser) - Searchers trying to find an 8-pound monkey that escaped more than a week ago in North Carolina are playing sounds of a baby monkey to try to recapture it. The macaque escaped from the Wake Forest University Primate Center. Searchers have set up humane traps and are playing baby monkey... More »

Low Social Status Bad for Your Health

The immune system is happier on top

(Newser) - It's not only good to be king—it’s good for your health, according to a new study. British research has long shown that underlings in the corporate pecking order suffer from more stress-related, life-threatening health problems than the executives who order them around. Now the Economist reports that... More »

Leopards, Monkeys, Bear Found in Airport Bags

Anti-trafficking officials tracked Dubai-bound carrier to Thai hub

(Newser) - Thai officials today nabbed a Dubai-bound man who was hauling “a virtual zoo” of endangered creatures around the Bangkok airport. When they opened his bags, they found a yawning bunch of sedated newborns: two leopards, two panthers, two macaque monkeys, and an Asiatic black bear, the AP reports. Anti-trafficking... More »

HIV Vaccine Works in Monkeys

Called 'unprecedented' step forward in AIDS research

(Newser) - Big advances in AIDS research are hard to come by—but researchers in Oregon say their new vaccine marks a huge step forward. In a study of HIV’s monkey equivalent, the researchers found that 13 of 24 rhesus macaques given the vaccine were protected against the disease; 12 were... More »

Monkeys Teach Their Young to Floss

'Monkey see, monkey floss' behavior surprises scientists

(Newser) - Monkeys in Thailand have been filmed apparently teaching good oral hygiene to their young, the BBC reports. Macaque mothers living in an urban area north of Bangkok were seen flossing with strands of human hair, and doing so with slower, more exaggerated movements when their infants were watching. Researchers—amazed... More »

Red Planet of the Apes?

Russia auditions monkeys for possible trip to Mars, drawing activists' ire

(Newser) - The first mammal on Mars may be a monkey. Russia is testing radiation and weightlessness effects on macaques for a possible trip to the red planet. Scientists also want to see how the animals react to isolation and the special diet the 520-day mission would require, reports the BBC. Twelve... More »

Monkeys Swap Grooming for Sex

Male macaques groom for longer when fewer females are around

(Newser) - What price for a little lovin'? Male macaque monkeys pay for sex by grooming females, but only as much as necessary: They groom for longer when fewer females are around, and for less time when there are more, according to a new study. "In primate societies, grooming is the... More »

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