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Jerry Seinfeld Has an Extremely Awkward Non-Hug

Poor Kesha

(Newser) - No means no, Kesha. At an event in Washington, DC, on Monday, the singer ran up to Jerry Seinfeld as he was giving an interview and very persistently asked for a hug, per E! News . "I'm Kesha! I love you so much. Can I give you a hug?"... More »

Saudis Arrest Free Huggers

But they're unrepentant, will hug again

(Newser) - Offering free hugs to strangers is not cool with Saudi Arabia's religious police. Earlier this week, a young Saudi man named Bandr al-Swed posted a video to YouTube in which he walked through the streets of Riyadh with a "Free Hugs" sign, giving them out happily to men... More »

Hug Turns Fatal When Boyfriend's Gun Goes Off

He was moving it when it discharged, say police

(Newser) - It's still under investigation, but Phoenix police think a bizarre accident is responsible for the death of a 24-year-old woman. Amanda Mosley was giving her 18-year-old boyfriend a hug, but the gun in his waistband got in the way, reports ABC15 . The boyfriend then tried to remove the gun,... More »

Brooklyn School Bans Hugs

Parents outraged, rebellious kids keep embracing in protest

(Newser) - The Brooklyn Prospect Charter School is cracking down on that most deviant of tween behaviors: hugging. The school has instituted a rule banning hugs in the hallways, outraging many students and teachers, the Brooklyn Paper reports. Though the rule was purportedly instituted after a sixth-grader said a hug from an... More »

NJ Middle School: No Hugs Allowed

Kids: We could get detention

(Newser) - At one New Jersey middle school, hugs must wait until after the bell rings, Fox News reports. Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School's principal has labeled it a "no hugging school," with the superintendent citing "incidents of unsuitable physical interactions." Students who do embrace won't be suspended,... More »

Man Gives 7,777 Hugs in 24 Hours

Jeff Ondash sets world record in Vegas

(Newser) - A 51-year-old Ohio man has embraced the Valentine's Day spirit faster than anyone before, giving 7,777 hugs in 24 hours for a new world record. To break the previous record of 5,000 hugs in one day, Jeff Ondash needed more than 208 hugs per hour, or about 3... More »

At Office, Anything Beyond Handshake Can be Touchy

(Newser) - After countless bear hugs, fist bumps, elbow grips, and pats-on-the-back, Elizabeth Bernstein realized that she is her office’s “touchee”—someone co-workers know will be receptive to physical demonstrations of support, she writes for the Wall Street Journal. That got her thinking: When is such touching OK, and... More »

'Hugging Saint' Embraces NYC

Indian spiritual leader squeezes thousands in marathon session

(Newser) - Over the past 2 days one woman has hugged more than 8,000 Manhattanites, reports the New York Times. Her name is Mata Amritanandamayi, but her followers call her Amma, or the “Hugging Saint.” She has been hugging anyone and everyone since she was a teenager in India,... More »

Teenagers Kiss Off S. African Lip-Locking Ban

They protest law that forbids smooching kids younger than 16

(Newser) - South African teenagers held a “kiss-in” yesterday to protest a new law that criminalizes romantic physical contact with anyone under 16, the Washington Post reports. The "Kissing Law” is intended to make it easier to prosecute older men sexually involved with younger girls. But the law has outraged... More »

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