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Human Age Can Be Revealed Through Sinus X-Rays

Could help forensic scientists working with 'incomplete remains'

(Newser) - When scientists are working with only partial remains, it can be very difficult to determine age. Now forensic anthropologists say they've found a way to help approximate age in children: noninvasive X-rays of the skull's frontal sinus region. Reporting in the journal Anatomical Record , they say that's... More »

'Nose Bidet' Gives Sinuses Alt Relief

'Stuffy' people turning to ancient Indian neti pots to clear nasal passages

(Newser) - Sufferers of stuffy sinuses are turning to an ancient remedy to clear their nasal passages: the neti pot. Also called the "nose bidet," the neti pot is filled with non-iodized salt water, the spout is placed in one nostril, and water is poured in and streamed out the... More »

2 Stories