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Gene Injection Gives Pigs 'Biological Pacemakers'

Heart cells were reprogrammed to beat normally

(Newser) - A promising experiment on pigs could help save the bacon of people with heart trouble who are having problems with electronic pacemakers. Researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute injected genes into the hearts of pigs with irregular heartbeats, reprogramming regular heart cells into pacemaker cells that temporarily restored a normal... More »

Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79

Actress succumbs to congestive heart failure

(Newser) - Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor has died today of congestive heart failure at the age of 79, reports ABC News. "She was surrounded by her children: Michael Wilding, Christopher Wilding, Liza Todd, and Maria Burton," a rep tells ABC. Taylor died "peacefully today in Cedars-Sinai Hospital," where... More »

Elizabeth Taylor in Hospital With Heart Failure

78-year-old has a lengthy history of health problems

(Newser) - Elizabeth Taylor has been hospitalized for symptoms related to congestive heart failure, reports People, "an ongoing condition" she was diagnosed with in 2004. "This issue is being addressed," says a statement from her reps. The 78-year-old actress, who has a litany of health problems, had been scheduled... More »

LA Patients Get Deadly Blast of Radiation in Screw-Up

Hospital hits hundreds of stroke patients with 8 times the normal dose

(Newser) - A mistake at LA’s famed Cedars-Sinai hospital has subjected more than 200 patients to dangerous levels of radiation. Everyone who has come to the hospital with a suspected stroke since February 2008 has gotten eight times the normal dose of radiation, the LA Times reports. That was when technicians... More »

Quaids Settle for $750K in Babies' Overdose

(Newser) - Dennis Quaid and his wife have settled for $750,000 with a Los Angeles hospital that accidentally overdosed their newborns on a blood-thinning drug last year, People reports. The twins, who fought for their lives after receiving Heparin, are now in good health, giving the story what Quaid called a... More »

McMahon Sues Billionaire, Hospital Over Broken Neck

He blames unsafe stairs, shoddy care

(Newser) - Venerable TV sidekick and debtor Ed McMahon is suing two parties he says have contributed to his financial crisis, People reports. First, McMahon’s suit alleges that “unsafe entry stairs” at a billionaire investor’s home caused him to fall and break his neck; the second party is the... More »

Quaids Speak Out About Ordeal

Newborns 'overdosed while we're there,' actor says

(Newser) - Dennis and Kimberly Quaid trusted their sick newborns to an LA hospital, and less than 9 hours later, the children's lives were in danger. "Our kids could have been dying," the actor says, "and we wouldn't have been able to come down to the hospital to say... More »

Britney Downed Toxic Cocktail Pre-Meltdown

Purple Monsters, Vicodin, Ritalin, Zantac, sleeping pills, oh my!

(Newser) - Oops, she popped pills again—and again, and again, reports the New York Post, describing the cocktail of 100 prescription pills pop spectacle Britney Spears washed down with a "Purple Monster" (a mix of vodka, Nyquil, and Red Bull) in the 36 hours leading up to her flip-out. Even... More »

Britney Throws Fit, Gets Freed From Hospital

Star yelled at staff and pulled IV; Dr. Phil plans Britney-themed show

(Newser) - An L.A. hospital released Britney Spears today after she threw a fit, screaming at hospital staff, refusing to sit still, and yanking out her IV, TMZ.com reports. Exhibiting what sources have called signs of bipolar disorder, Spears was being held for evaluation after a dispute with ex-husband Kevin... More »

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