American Gladiators

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YouTube to Offer MGM Movies, TV Episodes

Internet site to announce new partnership with studio

(Newser) - YouTube and MGM are about to announce a partnership in which movies and TV shows will be offered on the video-sharing website, reports the New York Times. The deal is part of a strategy by YouTube owner Google to cozy up to Hollywood in a bid to compete with rival... More »

Forget Olympics: Gladiators Takes Gold for Fun

Rocketball and Gauntlet make better TV than all that running and swimming

(Newser) - American Gladiators wraps up just before the Olympics, and the Games will seem mighty dull by comparison, Ben Mathis-Lilley writes in the Washington Post.  Rooting for the team is what makes watching sports fun, he writes, and it's much easier to root for an ordinary joe playing Rocketball than... More »

A New Breed of 'Gladiator'

Air Force Academy grad joins cast of resurrected classic

(Newser) - "American Gladiators" muscled its way back onto TV last night with a former cheerleader in the cast. But fear not a dumbed-down version of the classic guilty pleasure—Tanji Williams is an Air Force Academy grad ranked fourth nationally by the International Federation of Body Building for fitness. Like... More »

3 Stories