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Bodybuilder Dies After Collapsing During Haircut

Cause of death for Rich Piana, 46, not yet clear

(Newser) - Another bodybuilder has suffered an untimely death, just days after Dallas McCarver apparently choked to death at 26 . Rich Piana, 46, collapsed while his girlfriend was cutting his hair at his Florida apartment Aug. 7. He was rushed to a hospital and placed into a medically induced coma, but never... More »

Protein 'Overdose' Contributed to Woman's Untimely Death

The bodybuilder was unaware her body couldn't process that much protein

(Newser) - An Australian woman who appeared to be in great shape suddenly died at age 25—and doctors say protein supplements contributed to her death. Meegan Hefford, a bodybuilder, had been complaining since early June about feeling "weird" and lethargic. On June 19, she was found unconscious in her apartment;... More »

Man With Down Syndrome Lives Bodybuilding Dream

Collin Clark trained for year, lost 60 pounds for first competition

(Newser) - When Collin Clark first spotted bodybuilder Glenn Ubelhor prepping for a competition, the young man was working the desk at an Indiana gym. The next thing he knew, the two had become friends—and he was training alongside him, WFIE reports. Now, a year later, the 22-year-old Evansville man with... More »

Former Mr Universe Turns 100, Credits Positivity

1952 Mr. Universe winner credits happy living for longevity

(Newser) - India's former Mr. Universe Manohar Aich turned 100 today, nearly 60 years after he won the bodybuilding award, reports the AP . Born in Bengal province, Aich had to overcome extreme poverty to become the bodybuilding champion. He joined the Royal air force in 1942, which is where he discovered... More »

Vegans Turn to Bodybuilding

Animal-free dieters find ways to bulk up competitively

(Newser) - A new trend is sprouting in the sport of bodybuilding: veganism. A burgeoning group of competitive weight-lifters are turning to an all animal-free diet, reports the New York Times . It's a challenge because the vegan diet can be dauntingly limited for bodybuilders, who need a sufficient amount of amino... More »

Post-Saddam, Bodybuilders Let 'Er Ripple

Pumping iron is hugely popular among Iraqis, despite dangers

(Newser) - Iraqi bodybuilders have long needed nerves of steel to pump iron. Under Saddam, only officially connected Iraqis could join gyms, and the average weightlifter was forced to use makeshift equipment. But after Saddam, a flood of Iraqis seeking lucrative security jobs hit the gyms. The result? Extremists began targeting bulging... More »

NFL Steroid Dealer's Death Called Suicide

Medical examiner still mum on killing of David Jacobs' girlfriend

(Newser) - Convicted steroid dealer David Jacobs’ death has been ruled a suicide, the Dallas Morning News reports. Authorities say Jacobs, 35, shot himself in the stomach and head. Officials also found some 150 containers of steroids in his Texas home. The medical examiner has not yet explained the death of Jacobs’... More »

NFL Steroids Dealer, Girlfriend Shot to Death

He recently met with league officials to talk about clients

(Newser) - Convicted steroids dealer and bodybuilder David Jacobs and his girlfriend have been found shot to death to death in his Texas home. Jacobs, 35, who got probation after cooperating with investigators, recently met with NFL officials to discuss his client list. The couple had a volatile relationship, but police would... More »

A New Breed of 'Gladiator'

Air Force Academy grad joins cast of resurrected classic

(Newser) - "American Gladiators" muscled its way back onto TV last night with a former cheerleader in the cast. But fear not a dumbed-down version of the classic guilty pleasure—Tanji Williams is an Air Force Academy grad ranked fourth nationally by the International Federation of Body Building for fitness. Like... More »

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