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Meet Kenneth, the Only Guy to Show Up to O'Malley Event

Constituent was only one to brave the elements and show up to Iowa campaign stop

(Newser) - Early winter storms are sweeping across the Midwest , but that didn't stop Martin O'Malley from making a scheduled campaign stop in Tama, Iowa, on Monday, UPI reports. It also didn't deter a bearded constituent IDed simply as Kenneth from donning his cap and braving the elements to... More »

Romney Bought Prop Donations for Relief Event

Red Cross says it's grateful, but would really rather have money, blood

(Newser) - When Mitt Romney's campaign made the hasty decision to transform yesterday's planned Ohio campaign event into a Hurricane Sandy disaster relief rally, they were afraid no one would get the message in time to bring donations, hence ruining the photo-op. So campaign aides ran to Walmart the night... More »

Harry Reid Pokes Fun at Sarah Palin

Senate majority leader sort of has a sense of humor!

(Newser) - Believe it or not, Harry Reid has a sense of humor, reports Mediaite . In his latest campaign stop, Reid took a moment to aim some snark at the tea party express event that swept into Nevada last week. “I was going to give a few remarks on the people... More »

Chasing Comeback, McCain Races Through 7 States

15,000 attend 1 am rally in Miami

(Newser) - John McCain spent yesterday on a whirlwind tour, hitting seven states with eight rallies as he looked to make a last-minute comeback, the Washington Post reports. “I am an American, and I choose to fight,” he told crowds from Florida to Arizona, starting with a 1am rally in... More »

McCain Plays Defense With Red-State Stops

Senator digs into territory Bush largely carried in 2004

(Newser) - John McCain’s campaign map for the next few days puts him on the defensive, touring mostly states that President Bush won in 2004, Politico reports. Tomorrow’s schedule puts him in Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona, all Bush states except the Keystone State. Meanwhile, Barack... More »

McCain Bets the Farm on Pa.

GOP battles Dems' big advantage in polls, registration

(Newser) - John McCain is going full throttle in Pennsylvania, but his work is cut out for him: He’s behind 12-15 points in state polls, and Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans in the state, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. McCain, wife Cindy, and Sarah Palin have stumped heavily there all week. “We... More »

Obama Rips McCain on 'Disaster' Economics

Derides GOP economic policy, slams Mac's 'maverick' claims

(Newser) - Barack Obama yesterday blasted John McCain’s attacks on his economic policies by slamming the GOP record as a "disaster," reports the Reno Gazette-Journal. McCain “claimed my economic plan would lead to economic disaster,” Obama said. “I’ve got news for John McCain. My plan... More »

McCain, Obama Reject ABC Town Hall Meeting

But campaigns are enthusiastic about new approach

(Newser) - John McCain and Barack Obama turned down an invitation from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and ABC News to hold the first town hall meeting in New York, AP reports. While the candidates are both enthusiastic about the idea of such a forum, they want it to be broadcast by multiple stations.... More »

Obama Plans 'Victory' Trip to Iowa

Senator hopes to move closer to nod in state that started it all

(Newser) - Barack Obama plans a primary-day early victory trip to Iowa, where he won the Democrats’ first contest, Reuters reports. He anticipates grabbing a majority of pledged delegates after the Oregon and Kentucky vote that will help clinch the race —though neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates to lock... More »

Huck, Chuck Make Hot Ticket

Norris doesn't just endorse candidate

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee already seems to have a running mate: Chuck Norris. Huck and Chuck, as they’ve been dubbed, are inseparable on the campaign trail, the Chicago Tribune reports. The aging action star speaks at all of Huckabee’s events, often for longer than the candidate himself. “You elect... More »

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