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Is This Ron Paul's Moment?

Gail Collins admires Paul's consistency, but still concludes he has no chance

(Newser) - Most experts have written off Ron Paul's chances of getting the Republican nomination, but the steady libertarian candidate is "definitely having a moment," writes Gail Collins in the New York Times . Frank and up-front about his beliefs, Paul rarely dodges questions, even about hot-button subjects. "Paul... More »

Rush, Newt Push Media to the Right

They're mainstream while progressives are ignored: Dionne

(Newser) - Media coverage of Barack Obama is closed-minded and biased—in favor of conservatives. "Rush Limbaugh's sneezes or Newt Gingrich's tweets" circulate like wildfire, but criticism of the president from the Democratic left goes unheard, writes EJ Dionne of the Washington Post. The result is a skewed picture in which... More »

McCain Bests Conservative Offensive in SC

But can he win contests open only to Republicans?

(Newser) - Despite an onslaught from uber-conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, John McCain managed to capture a chunk of the Republican establishment to win South Carolina. McCain's victory marked a dramatic difference from the last time conservatives blasted him out of the running in South Carolina in 2000, reports the Washington Post. "... More »

Romney Talks the Talk, But Where Are the Votes?

Weekly Standard can't figure it out

(Newser) - On taxes, social issues, and foreign policy, Mitt Romney is “perfectly attuned to mainstream Republicans.” But the supporters just aren’t coming, and the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes can’t figure out why. Romney appeals to the same voters who elected the president and his father; but... More »

4 Stories