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Coffee May Improve Long-Term Memory

Plus: brain-training exercises offer new hope

(Newser) - Coffee may offer a boost to our long-term memory, according to a new study in Nature Neuroscience . The findings are based on test subjects' ability to remember patterns in pictures after taking a caffeine pill. Researchers showed 44 volunteers who hadn't had coffee for at least a day a... More »

Man Hits Head, Forgets Last 46 Years

Scott Bolzan studies pics to learn about his life

(Newser) - It sounds like a plot twist in a made-for-TV movie: A man slips, hits his head, and forgets everything. But it happened to Scott Bolzan. One year ago, the 47-year-old fell in the men's room at the jet management firm he ran and woke up blank. He didn't know his... More »

To Boost Memory, Go to Sleep

How shut-eye helps you remember, process more

(Newser) - Popping pills and or toiling away at Sudoku may help boost memory, but according to a slew of recent studies, good old-fashioned sleep may be best: It strengthens long-term memory, decision-making, and creativity. "It turns out we are not like TiVo," says a sleep researcher, which "is... More »

Study: Fatty Foods Boost Memory

Hormone may have helped early humans remember where the rich pickings were

(Newser) - The same foods blamed for clogging arteries may help the brain build memories, National Geographic reports. Researchers studying obesity discovered that rats given oleoylethanolamide, or OEA—a compound produced in the intestines when fat is digested—demonstrated improved memory retention in tasks. They believe the same mechanism exists in humans... More »

Naps Boost Long-term Memory

90-minute snooze helps brain lock in events, skills

(Newser) - A daily siesta can boost long-term recall and help people learn instruments and remember decisive events, a new study says. A University of Haifa researcher taught people tapping: He showed participants a tricky rhythm, then let half sleep for an hour. Those who stayed up failed to tap better, while... More »

5 Stories