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Howard Schultz Has Alternative for Term 'Billionaire'

Former Starbucks CEO and possible 2020 contender rephrases to 'people of means'

(Newser) - Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's maybe-campaign for 2020 doesn't seem to be having a great start . In the latest development, Schultz is taking a ribbing for bristling at the term "billionaire" and instead suggesting something like "people of means." The details:
  • The remark: It came
... More »

Hell or High Water, Blankenship Says He'll Be on Ballot

Intends to run for US Senate in November as Constitution Party candidate

(Newser) - Don Blankenship's political career isn't going gently into that good night. Though Politico reports he finished "a distant" third in West Virginia's Republican primary for US Senate—state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey secured the nomination—he still plans to vie for the seat and says he... More »

David French: 'I'm Not Going to Run' for President

'I'm not the right person,' French says—but he thinks 'path remains open for others'

(Newser) - Election 2016 still has a good five months or so to tick off the calendar, but David French isn't going to be part of it. The Iraq War veteran and National Review writer hand-picked by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol to be the third-party savior against Hillary Clinton and... More »

Report: Sad GOPers Name Candidate to Run Against Trump, Clinton

His name is David French and he recaps Game of Thrones

(Newser) - Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, with the help of Mitt Romney and other Republicans, has been threatening to run a third-party candidate against Trump and Clinton for a while now—even going so far as to approach Mark Cuban , apparently. Over the weekend, Kristol tweeted : "There will be an... More »

Mitt Romney Takes Meeting About Third- Party Run

William Kristol is looking for someone to run

(Newser) - Mitt Romney and William Kristol met privately "over glasses of water" Thursday to discuss running a third-party candidate and the possibility that candidate might be Romney himself, the Washington Post reports. Kristol, a conservative commentator and editor of the Weekly Standard, has been a major part of the #NeverTrump... More »

Third-Party Candidate Could Still Tank Both Parties

Ralph Nader says it could happen, and he should know

(Newser) - Even with Donald Trump caving and signing a Republican loyalty pledge yesterday, both parties still have a lot to fear from potential third-party candidates, the Hill reports. Ralph Nader, himself a third-party candidate in 2000, tells the website that growing dissatisfaction among voters makes it a possibility, as it seems... More »

Trump to 'Foolish' RNC: I May Make 3rd-Party Run

'RNC has not been supportive,' real estate mogul says in interview

(Newser) - Donald Trump says he's not a Washington insider, which is why the GOP is treating him so badly—and why he'll entertain a third-party run, he tells the Hill . "So many people want me to, if I don't win [the GOP nomination]," he said during... More »

3rd-Party Candidates Debate in Chicago

Johnson, Stein, Anderson, Goode offer alternative platforms

(Newser) - Four longshot candidates for president debated in Chicago last night, and they found plenty to agree on. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson discussed foreign policy, drug legalization, climate change, and civil rights in the debate... More »

Larry King Moderating 3rd-Party Debate

4 candidates will meet next week

(Newser) - The third-party presidential candidates snagged a pretty well-known host for their debate next week: Larry King. King will moderate a debate between Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson on Oct. 23 in Chicago, the Los Angeles ... More »

Arizona Woman, Blocked From City Council, Runs for VP

Was disqualified for not speaking English

(Newser) - When Alejandrina Cabrera tried to run for San Luis City Council, she was kicked off the ballot because she couldn't speak, read, or write English fluently. So now she's running for a slightly higher office: vice president of the United States. Cabrera has signed on with Utopian Party... More »

The Third-Party Movement Is Dead—as Is Our System

Dana Milbank on why Americans Elect failed

(Newser) - Americans Elect , the movement to select a third-party presidential candidate, started off so ambitiously, hoping to fix our broken two-party system by recruiting someone exciting to challenge President Obama and the eventual GOP nominee. The only problem? No one on its massive "dream team" of potential candidates—people... More »

Americans Elect on Ballot in 17 States and Counting

Third party continues push to get in all 50 states

(Newser) - Americans Elect may not have a presidential candidate or a platform, but the upstart third party continues to grow: It's now assured of appearing on the presidential ballot in 17 states, with 18 more well on the way, reports the AP . Come November, it expects to be in all... More »

Will Olympia Snowe Join Third-Party Ticket?

Sounds like she could be a candidate for Americans Elect: Jonathan Chait

(Newser) - What's Olympia Snowe up to? Her surprise decision to retire from the Senate came with what Jonathan Chait at New York magazine sees as an "unusually specific" statement about her desire to try to fix DC's partisan ways. "I intend to help give voice to my... More »

GOP's Roemer Mounts Indie Run

He'll jump into fray with Americans Elect and Reform Party

(Newser) - A GOP candidate is dropping out of the presidential primary race—not that most people ever knew he was in it. Buddy Roemer is ending his long-shot GOP bid , and exchanging it for an even longer-shot independent bid, the former Louisiana governor announced today. "I have decided to take... More »

Gary Johnson Launches Third-Party Bid

Former NM governor will seek Libertarian nomination

(Newser) - Gary Johnson formally launched his bid to run for president as the Libertarian candidate today, declaring himself "liberated" and fed up with the "elitist media organizations" that largely ignored his attempt to run as a Republican, reports CNN . "I'm a Libertarian in belief," said the... More »

McCain Predicts 'Fed-Up Party'

He may be most prominent politician so far to float the idea

(Newser) - Some have called for a third political party, and you can add John McCain to the list of people who think one will emerge. He first brought up the possibility last year, but yesterday his forecast got even sharper. "Unless both parties change, then I think that it'... More »

New Third Party Looks to Join Primary Fray

Online voters can pick anyone—even if they don't want to run

(Newser) - A new “virtual third party” is hoping to shake up the 2012 presidential race with an unconventional process: It’s holding a non-partisan online primary, in which voters can “draft” any candidate they want. The group, dubbed Americans Elect, says it’s got the funds to put the... More »

It's Time for a Third Party

Because these parties suck, Matt Miller observes

(Newser) - Take a gander at the political landscape, and odds are you won’t like your choices. You might, like Matt Miller of the Washington Post , start asking things like, “Why doesn’t the president propose measures equal to the scale of our challenges?” or “Why can’t Republicans... More »

Conditions Right for a New Ross Perot

An independent candidate might do some damage in 2012: Steve Kornacki

(Newser) - Not that it necessarily will happen, but today's political climate is more favorable to a Ross-Perot-type of independent candidate than it has been for quite a while, writes Steve Kornacki at Salon . Three key conditions that help: an incumbent president (check), a lousy economy (big check), and a nominee... More »

Tea Party, GOP Must Work Together

Third party challenges historically benefit those they oppose: Quayle

(Newser) - Watching the emergence of the Tea Party movement is giving Dan Quayle flashbacks—about Ross Perot. Perot's Reform Party siphoned off 19% of the votes in the 1992 presidential election, effectively denying the elder George Bush a second term. "There's a well-worn path of third-party movements in American history,... More »

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