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Manufacturers Drop Plasma TVs as LCD Takes Over

Pioneer, Vizio axe plasma production lines; retailers slash prices

(Newser) - TV buyers are increasingly choosing liquid-crystal-display over plasma as LCD manufacturers beef up the technological capabilities of their sets, the Wall Street Journal reports. With 30 million LCDs sold in North America in 2008, compared with 4 million plasmas, Pioneer and Vizio are discontinuing their plasma lines. The shift means... More »

'Bleak Friday' May Keep TV Prices Down All Season

Deals on flat screens could extend all month

(Newser) - If your holiday wish list includes a flat-panel TV, you may not have to battle crowds on Black Friday to land a deal, reports the Wall Street Journal. Struggling electronics retailers anticipating a bleak holiday season are likely to extend traditionally low day-after-Thanksgiving prices—which could top 50% savings on... More »

'Lifelike' Sony TV Wows Viewers

3mm-thick wonder trumps LCDs, plasmas — though it's tiny, and pricey

(Newser) - Sony’s new XEL-1 television is neither plasma nor LCD: it uses organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology, and “its picture is so incredible, Sony should include a jaw cushion,” David Pogue writes in the New York Times. Sony is the first to sell TVs using the system, which... More »

TV Makers Scoff at Your Puny Recession

Say buyers will continue snapping up flat panels; investors not so sure

(Newser) - Who cares if there’s a recession? The Super Bowl’s on! Even after the worst retailing Christmas in years, the makers of flat-panel, high-definition TVs are confident their trendy product will keep selling, spurred by falling prices and prime tube-watching events like the Olympics. One market-research firm is predicting... More »

Soaring LCD Sales Have Suppliers Scrambling

Profits booming in latest entertainment tech sector

(Newser) - Manufacturers are ramping up production of LCD TVs, which are selling so well there's a supply shortage, reports the Wall Street Journal. Profits are at their highest since 2004, but production cutbacks in 2006 left companies unprepared to meet demand. LG Philips reported record quarterly profits last week, at $806... More »

Plasma TV Back From the Dead

Finds niche in developing countries, but boom may not last

(Newser) - Plasma TV's rollercoaster ride continues as the technology given up for dead more than a year ago has made a booming sales comeback, Reuters reports. Demand in the developing world, especially in China, is driving the upswing. LCD technology seemed until recently to have trampled plasma, but it turns out... More »

The Quest for Higher-Def TV

New technology will sharpen and improve picture quality on flat-screen TVs

(Newser) - All the flat-panel TV technologies on the market—whether liquid-crystal or plasma—have picture-quality issues, the Wall Street Journal reports, but TV makers think they can do something about that, and use those tweaks to distinguish themselves in a crowded market. Improving picture quality has emerged as one of the... More »

7 Stories