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Cops: Woman Gave Birth in Amazon Facility, Threw Baby in Trash

Samantha Vivier told police she hadn't known she was pregnant

(Newser) - A "terribly sad" discovery in Arizona has led to the arrest of a woman for child abandonment. Samantha Vivier, 22, faces one count of unlawful disposal of human remains after she told police she gave birth in the bathroom of an Amazon warehouse she worked at in Phoenix, the... More »

27 Rabbits Abandoned at Train Station

Officials in Long Island are eager to know who did this

(Newser) - Officials in Long Island, New York are offering a reward for information leading to the person or people responsible for dumping 27 rabbits by a Suffolk County train station, per the AP. The Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says it was notified on Sunday that... More »

The Unidentified Man Who Maybe Should've Stayed That Way

BBC helps solve the mysterious, sad tale of Roger Curry

(Newser) - "Roger Curry" was all that the gentleman with the American accent said when asked his name, and he said it only once. Thus begins the strange story Darragh MacIntyre spins for the BBC , following the mysterious trail of a man found wandering a parking lot in England in late... More »

Cops: Woman Left Disabled Son in Woods, Saw Lover

Adult son is found dehydrated with a Bible and wheelchair

(Newser) - A woman left her quadriplegic son, who has cerebral palsy, in the woods for several days and went to visit her boyfriend in Maryland, police said yesterday. The 21-year-old son was found lying in the leaves covered with a blanket next to a wheelchair and a Bible near Cobbs Creek... More »

Mom Busted for Abandoning Daughters, 5 and 3

Girls found wandering on busy Brooklyn street

(Newser) - A 26-year-old mother was arrested last night after allegedly abandoning her two little girls on a Brooklyn street, the New York Post reports. Dominae, 5, and Dioni, 3, were found yesterday afternoon wandering near a busy intersection, dressed in coats and UGG boots and holding extra diapers. "Mommy just... More »

Donkeys Abandoned Across Texas

Dire drought and high feed costs to blame

(Newser) - Cash-strapped donkey owners in Texas are abandoning the animals in record numbers, creating a headache for authorities and a devoted group of donkey rescuers, the Houston Chronicle reports. Authorities say dire drought and high feed costs are making donkeys, like horses, much harder to keep. "Donkey rescues have gone... More »

Family Abandons Son With Dead Sister

They flee to Mexico, leaving toddler's body

(Newser) - A family has fled back home to Mexico with their three biological children, abandoning their adopted 4-year-old son in their house with his dead toddler sister, according to law enforcement authorities. The girl's body showed signs of extreme trauma when it was found in a southern California home, said police.... More »

The World's 7 Most Remote Destinations

Now abandoned, these places were once home to humans

(Newser) - Forget the Seven Wonders of the World. WebUrbanist takes a look at seven places that make you wonder why people ever settled there:
  • St. Kilda, Scotland: Although this archipelago is known for 16-foot waves and wind speeds up to 130mph, humans called it home for 2,000 years—until 1930,
... More »

Pets Are Losing Homes, Too

Recession sparks rise in animal abandonment

(Newser) - Animal shelters are being filled with pets abandoned because of the recession and home foreclosures. In Massachusetts, a rescue league has seen a 45% jump in owners citing money or housing problems when they surrender a cat or dog. Others are just leaving their pets on the streets or in... More »

Nebraska Closes Loophole on Abandoning Unruly Kids

Lawmakers could set age limitation today

(Newser) - Nebraska lawmakers today closed a loophole that allowed parents to abandon their unruly teenagers and leave them in state custody, the Omaha World-Herald reports. The original law was meant to allow unwanted infants to be left at hospitals without penalty, but it lacked an age restriction. Since September, 35 children,... More »

Foreclosure Victims Also Furry

As more people lose their homes, so do their pets

(Newser) - As foreclosure rates skyrocket around the country, animal shelters are feeling a heartbreaking byproduct: an influx of pets being surrendered, USA Today reports. Across the country, areas with high foreclosures are seeing increased rates of pet abandonment, and shelters worry that even more could be coming as unemployment rates rise... More »

Harder Times Make for Hungry Horses

Collapse in equine market leads to rise in neglect of animals

(Newser) - When the sun was shining on the economy, millions of Americans tried to make hay by buying horses and moving into backyard breeding. As things slow down, the animals are getting harder to sell and pricier to feed, making horse neglect and abandonment a big problem, the Wall Street Journal... More »

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