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Uproar After Billionaires Surrender Sick Dogs to Rescue

U-Haul's Joe Shoen wrapped up in dispute with animal rescuer

(Newser) - When Shelly Froehlich learned a cancer patient hoped to send six Rottweiler puppies and their mother to her animal rescue in Arizona, she says she quickly agreed and, assuming financial hardship, waived a $600 surrender fee. It was a move she quickly came to regret after getting familiar with the... More »

Rescuers Thought They Were Kittens. Then They Attacked

Bobcat cubs bit 3 would-be rescuers

(Newser) - Three well-meaning people suffered bites when the kittens they rescued after hearing them mewling in a San Antonio alley turned out to be ravenous bobcat cubs. The caretakers found the blue-eyed, stub-tailed pair of young bobcats on Saturday and, thinking they were Bengal kittens, took them in. They fed the... More »

Serious Drama After Lena Dunham Rehomes Dog

Shelter has a different story than she does about her former dog's history

(Newser) - Serious dog drama underway for Lena Dunham: After she rehomed her rescue dog last month, the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition, from which she had adopted him, is publicly blasting her, Page Six reports. The dog, Lamby, had become somewhat well-known since Dunham adopted him, appearing in a Vogue spread and... More »

All the Animals in the Mosul Zoo Perished—Except These 2

Meet Simba the lion and Lula the bear, now headed to a new life in Jordan

(Newser) - Lula and Simba are headed to a new life in Jordan. The bear and lion, respectively, were discovered in February in the war-decimated Montazah al-Morour Zoo in Mosul, Iraq, apparently the only two animal survivors in the facility, the BBC reports. All of the other creatures had starved to death... More »

Dramatic Rescue, With Surprise Help From Muddy Elephants

Asian elephants in Cambodia were mired in bomb crater—then assistance arrived

(Newser) - Teamwork both human and animal is what saved the lives of nearly a dozen Asian elephants in a Cambodian wildlife preserve after local farmers there stumbled upon a distressing sight: 11 of the endangered animals stuck in a mud-filled crater formed nearly a half-century ago by a Vietnam War bomb,... More »

Weekend's Oddest 911 Call: Bald Eagle Stuck in Car Grille

Rescuers think the bird flew in front of a car while hunting

(Newser) - The Clay County Sheriff's Office in northern Florida has been busy in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, but one emergency call over the weekend has gotten more attention than the rest: a bald eagle stuck in the grille of a car. Local police and fire and rescue were able... More »

Woman Faces 10 Years for Taking Chained, 'Dying' Dog

She says the dog was dying and she rescued it

(Newser) - Bettina Cuce Rodriguez, a dog lover who volunteers in animal rescue, heard that a pit bill mix had been chained outside a mobile home in a rural community near Virginia Beach in bad weather and without food or water. The dog was said to be near death, and the county... More »

George Clooney Is This Rescue Dog's Hero

He adopted the dog 'no one else wanted' for his parents

(Newser) - If you didn't already love George Clooney, you might after hearing this story: The actor recently adopted a "dog no one wanted" from an Ohio animal rescue, Fox 8 Cleveland reports. As the LuvFurMutts rescue explains on Facebook , Nate the terrier was rescued out of a 22-dog hoarding... More »

Dozens of Animals Perish in Massachusetts Shelter Fire

All but 5 of rescue's dogs, cats are dead

(Newser) - Heartbreaking: A Massachusetts animal shelter building caught fire late Sunday and was totally engulfed by the time firefighters got there—leading to the deaths of dozens of animals. "We didn't think we'd be able to save any of the animals. That was our first goal—to do... More »

'Saddest Dog In the World' Gets Some Good News

Thousands of applications pour in for Lana

(Newser) - A heartbreaking photograph of an obviously depressed dog in an animal rescue kennel, dubbed "The Saddest Dog in the World," got nearly 10,000 shares after it was posted on Facebook Oct. 24. But now, some much happier news for Lana, the 1-year-old Labrador retriever mix shown in... More »

With Billionaire's Help, Sochi Strays Escaping Death

Shelter has saved 80 dogs so far

(Newser) - Hundreds of stray dogs have been killed ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremony in Sochi, but some may escape that fate thanks to a shelter funded by Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. Volnoe Deloe—or Good Will, roughly—has been grabbing up as many stray dogs as it can around Sochi... More »

Internet Saves This 'Gay' Dog

Facebook campaign goes viral, prevents euthanasia

(Newser) - The Internet came together to save a dog after his owner dumped him at a Tennessee shelter ... because he thought the dog was gay. A picture of the bulldog, who was in danger of being euthanized, was posted to Facebook in an attempt to find an adopter. "He hunched... More »

California Pooch Could Be World's Smallest

At birth, Dachshund mix 'Beyonce' could fit in spoon

(Newser) - A puppy so small that she could fit into a spoon when she was a newborn could set the record for the world's tiniest dog. Beyonce, a dachshund mix, is now two weeks old, and still only the size of a business card. She was the fifth of five... More »

Mini Horse Gets Fake Leg

Texas sanctuary gets rescued horse galloping

(Newser) - A miniature horse has a new leg and a new lease on life thanks to a Texas horse rescue group and a company that usually makes prosthetic limbs for people. Midnite, who was born missing a portion of his rear right leg, arrived at Ranch Hand Rescue after law enforcement... More »

1K Rats Found in Hoarder's Home

And you thought you needed to clean your closet out...

(Newser) - Close to 1,000 rats have been rescued from a Los Angeles man's home featured on A&E's reality show, Hoarders. The Humane Society has relocated the rats to San Jose, where they are being temporarily housed at a pet shop until they can be adopted. A previous owner's daughter... More »

'Magic' World Cup Python Seized

Doc used snake in bid to sway games

(Newser) - South African animal welfare officials have confiscated a "magic" snake that was being used with an eye toward swaying the outcome of World Cup matches. The 9-foot rock python was found in poor condition at the home of a traditional doctor, who had been accepting payment from people seeking... More »

Wandering Manatee Safe in Fla.

'Ilya' had gotten as far as CT, rescued near refinery in NJ

(Newser) - Ilya, a 10-foot, 1,100-pound manatee spotted in Connecticut waters 2 weeks ago, is safely recuperating at a Florida aquarium before being released back into the wild. Ilya was rescued 2 days ago wallowing in the warm discharge of a New Jersey oil refinery, but neither that nor his... More »

Aussies Can't Save 87 Stranded Whales

But rescuers are ultimately able to save only four

(Newser) - Rescue crews saved four long-finned pilot whales after a mass stranding in Western Australia’s Hamelin Bay, but scores of others died, the West Australian reports. Eighty-seven whales and dolphins beached Monday, prompting more than 250 volunteers and 100 conservation workers to spend a near-freezing night on the beach nursing... More »

Think You've Got it Bad? Try Being a Horse

Economy woes spur owners to abandon their steeds

(Newser) - Humans aren't the only ones hurt by recession, as hundreds of thousands of horses could attest. While more owners are abandoning their steeds as the costs become a burden, fewer people are able to help fund horse rescue centers, reports the New York Times. The result has been some 100,... More »

Wrong-Way Manatee Heads Home to Fla.

Saved from icy Cape Cod waters, 'Dennis' sets off on truck trip

(Newser) - Animal experts staged a dramatic rescue in Cape Cod yesterday, pulling ashore a juvenile 1,000-pound manatee and hauling it into a moving van bound for Florida, the Cape Cod Times reports. “Things went as well as we could have hoped for,” a rescuer told the Boston Globe,... More »

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