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Megyn Kelly: Trump Offered Gifts in Bid to Sway Press

'Clearly meant to shape coverage'

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly says Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to give her gifts, including a free stay at one of his hotels, as part of what she called his pattern of trying to influence news coverage of his campaign, reports the AP , which got an advance copy of Kelly's new memoir.... More »

Trump: Everyone's Overreacting to My Election Remarks

GOP nominee tells radio host 'too much is being made' of comments on accepting election results

(Newser) - It's become de rigueur to become outraged at almost anything Donald Trump does or says these days, but reaction to his latest remarks about the election have been completely overblown, according to Trump himself. Besides his "nasty woman" comment from last Wednesday's debate, Trump also came under... More »

Weird Al Moderates the Final Presidential Debate in Song

And accidentally opens some sort of flaming portal

(Newser) - The Gregory Brothers' "life's work" is making sure that everything is turned into a song, they write in the New York Times . To that end, they've been making auto-tuned jams out of political clips for years. But Wednesday's final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump... More »

There's No Book Report Quite Like a Trump 'Book Report'

'Juliet ... made Romeo kill himself'

(Newser) - It's fine that Donald Trump is too busy to read because we basically know his take on hundreds of literary classics, thanks to Twitter. It started with a tweet from a St. Louis alderman and mayoral candidate as he was watching Wednesday's debate, per the Huffington Post . "... More »

Trump Under Fire for 'Astonishing' Debate Remarks

He's being accused of 'insulting democracy'

(Newser) - "Extraordinary," "breathtaking," and "stunning" are among the words being used to describe Donald Trump's biggest moment in Wednesday night's debate—and they're not being used to praise him. Trump, asked whether he would continue America's cherished tradition of peaceful transfers of... More »

Fact-Checkers Weigh In on Final Debate

Both sides made some dubious claims

(Newser) - The third presidential debate in Las Vegas was another busy night for the fact-checkers, who had an assortment of false claims, dubious statements, mischaracterizations, and exaggerations to look at from both candidates. Their verdict on some of the more controversial claims:
  • Donald Trump: "Her plan is going to raise
... More »

7 Takes on the Final Debate

Trump may have landed a knockout punch on himself

(Newser) - Good news for Hillary Clinton: Many pundits say you won the final debate. Good news for Donald Trump: A lot of them say it was close. Good news for America: You'll never have to watch these two debate again. The showdown in Vegas turned out to be a more... More »

Trump on Accepting Results: 'I'll Keep You in Suspense'

He won't commit during debate

(Newser) - Donald Trump made headlines late in Wednesday's debate by refusing to say he would accept the results of the November election if he loses to Hillary Clinton. It's a "startling break with American democratic tradition," declares the Washington Post . Clinton, meanwhile, called his resistance "horrifying,... More »

'Such a Nasty Woman': Big Lines From the Debate

Clinton and Trump square off a final time

(Newser) - Some of the lines drawing attention from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's third and final debate. (The Washington Post has a transcript here ):
  • Puppets: In a discussion of Vladimir Putin, Trump said Putin would respect him more. "That's because he'd rather have a puppet as
... More »

Trump Predicts Trouble for Roe v. Wade

He promises to appoint anti-abortion judges

(Newser) - The third and final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton got off to a low-key start Wednesday with a focus on issues instead of scandals—and without a handshake, notes the AP . On one of the first topics, abortion, Trump predicted that Roe v. Wade would be in trouble... More »

Clinton Apparently Got Debate Handshake Protocol Changed

Campaign apparently wants to play it safe

(Newser) - Traditionally, the spouses and family members of the two presidential candidates shake hands as they enter the debates and cross each other's paths on their way to their seats. That could change tonight: Two sources tell the New York Times that after the last debate, when Donald Trump attempted... More »

Trump Invites Obama's Half-Brother to Debate

This could be 'most raucous' debate ever

(Newser) - With Roger Clinton apparently unavailable, Donald Trump has decided to invite another troublesome presidential sibling to Wednesday night's final presidential debate in Las Vegas: Malik Obama, President Obama's Trump-supporting half-brother. "I'm excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again," Malik, who... More »

SNL Riffs on 'Nightmare' Debate

Trump is not amused

(Newser) - "Welcome to the second and worst ever presidential debate," intoned Cecily Strong's Martha Raddatz in Saturday Night Live's Cold Open, as the show wasted zero time in again trotting out Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to make hay out of... More »

Trump Implies Clinton Was on Drugs During Last Debate

He wants drug testing 'cause I don't know what's going on with her'

(Newser) - In what is likely another first in a US presidential election seemingly full of them, a candidate has advocated for drug testing prior to a debate. CBS News reports Donald Trump suggested Saturday that Hillary Clinton was on performance-enhancing drugs during the second debate "cause I don't know... More »

Ken Bone's Reddit AMA Went Well— at First

Then people starting looking into his previous posts

(Newser) - Ken Bone, who became a viral sensation thanks to the bright red sweater he wore during Sunday's presidential debate, may now have a face even redder than his zipper-up attire. Chicagoist notes Bone held a Reddit AMA Thursday evening, and by most accounts (as per CNET ), Bone was... More »

Second Debate Loses Viewers

18% drop from the 84M people who watched the first one

(Newser) - Despite a dramatic lead-up, the second presidential debate saw a significant drop-off in viewers from the first, record-breaking contest . Across all 10 TV networks that carried the debate, the Hollywood Reporter counts a grand total of 68.8 million people who tuned in. That number is comparable to the 65.... More »

Debate Star Ken Bone Takes Fame With Sense of Humor

He explains that sweater

(Newser) - Ken Bone and his bright red sweater became Internet famous Sunday night when he rose to ask a question on energy policy of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (The "real hero of the debate," pronounced Quartz , which rounds up some of the social media love .) Bone, for... More »

Weirdest Factoid of Debate: Melania's Blouse

Trump campaign swears Mrs. Trump's 'pussy-bow' shirt wasn't intentional troll

(Newser) - Melania Trump, master troller? While what Donald Trump's wife was wearing during the "ugliest debate in American history" at first glance didn't seem newsworthy, it's now creating buzz based on name alone, the Hill reports. There was no "wardrobe malfunction," but Melania's bright... More »

Who Won/Lost the Debate

One consensus: Trump survives a knockout blow

(Newser) - It was, says Politico , "the ugliest debate in American history." But who actually won the insult-filled affair ? Some assessments:
  • Chris Cillizza, Washington Post : He's got Clinton in his "winners" category because "she went into this debate with massive momentum in the race—much of
... More »

Trump: It's Just 'Locker Room Talk'

Clinton calls him unfit for presidency

(Newser) - It took no time at all for Donald Trump's hot mic scandal to surface at Sunday night's debate—a nasty affair that got underway without a traditional handshake. Trump flatly rejected the suggestion that his comments amounted to a description of "sexual assault," in the words... More »

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