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Why the First 30 Minutes of Tonight's Debate Matter So Much

It's the most anticipated debate in decades

(Newser) - It's going to be the most-watched presidential debate in American history—and possibly the most controversial. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their first debate Monday night, and it's expected to draw a Super Bowl-sized audience of around 100 million. The stakes will be even higher than in... More »

Trump Says He's Bringing Bill Clinton's Mistress to Debate

He invited Gennifer Flowers because Clinton invited Mark Cuban

(Newser) - For the moment it appears the woman who had an affair with Bill Clinton will be front-and-center during Monday's debate at Donald Trump's invitation, BuzzFeed reports. It started with the Clinton campaign inviting Bizarro-Trump Mark Cuban to the presidential debate at Hoffstra University. TPM quotes a Clinton aide... More »

As Debate Nears, Clinton Leads by 6 Points

But FiveThirtyEight says she can't claim a rebound quite yet

(Newser) - For those not yet suffering from poll fatigue, new results are out right before the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday. Per an NBC News /Wall Street Journal poll, its first general-election survey of likely voters, Clinton leads Trump by 6 points. The poll was taken... More »

Johnson, Stein Don't Make Debate Cutoff

Only Clinton, Trump have been invited to participate in first debate

(Newser) - Neither Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson nor Green Party candidate Jill Stein is eligible for the first presidential debate, Politico reports. In order to be invited to the debate, a candidate must be polling at 15%. The Commission on Presidential Debates announced Friday that Johnson is polling at an... More »

Clinton-Trump Debate Moderators Are Chosen

Lester Holt, Martha Raddatz, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Wallace will handle them

(Newser) - The Commission on Presidential Debates is tasked with finding the folks who will moderate the upcoming word wars between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as between their respective VP picks. And the commission has spoken, per ABC News , naming NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt as the first... More »

Gary Johnson Thinks He Could Make Debates, or 'Game Over'

Libertarian candidate needs to be polling at 15%; currently at 10%

(Newser) - The man who would be the nation's first Libertarian president needs to be polling at 15% in order to make the stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the presidential debates that kick off next month. Gary Johnson is currently polling at 10% in the five polls that... More »

Report: Roger Ailes Is Prepping Trump for Debates

But campaign denies any formal or informal role for ex-Fox exec

(Newser) - Roger Ailes has reportedly found a new role since resigning from Fox News last month: helping Donald Trump prep for the presidential debates. According to three anonymous sources who spoke to the New York Times , Ailes is helping Trump's team as they get the GOP nominee ready for his... More »

Trump Complains About 'Ridiculous' Debate Schedule

He accuses Hillary Clinton of rigging it to clash with NFL games

(Newser) - Donald Trump is deeply unhappy about this fall's presidential debate schedule—and apparently a little confused about who created it. Two of the three debates clash with NFL games, and Trump tweeted Friday that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were "trying to rig the debates," though the... More »

Presidential Debate Host Backs Out Over Safety, Money

The debate was expected to cost Ohio's Wright State University more than $8M

(Newser) - Ohio's Wright State University was scheduled to host the first presidential debate of the general election Sept. 26—until it announced Tuesday it wouldn't be doing that. “This has been a very difficult decision to make but I am confident that it is the right one,”... More »

Trump Now Says Debating Sanders Would Be 'Inappropriate'

But Sanders is still pushing for one

(Newser) - Well, it looks like ol' Bernie Sanders has called Donald Trump's bluff. The AP reports Trump released a statement Friday reading, "As much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders, I will wait to debate the first place finisher in the Democratic Party." He adds that debating... More »

Trump: I'll Debate Sanders If We Can Raise $10M

It's not clear how serious he is

(Newser) - Will Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders really debate? Trump told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday he was open to the idea, and Sanders is definitely down, but now it looks as if Trump will only follow through on the plan if enough money is raised. "What we'll do is raise... More »

Sanders, Trump Agree to Debate

'Game on,' Sanders tweets after idea floated on Kimmel

(Newser) - Donald Trump has stepped up to the challenge that Hillary Clinton rejected : debating Bernie Sanders before the nation's final primaries. On Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, the host asked Trump whether he would debate Sanders, and Trump agreed to do so if the proceeds went to charity, CBS News reports.... More »

Clinton Turns Down Final Debate With Sanders

Eager to wrap up primary, she's shifting focus to Trump

(Newser) - We've apparently seen the last debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In a statement Monday night, Clinton's camp turned down a final debate that Fox News wanted to host before California's June 7 primary. Clinton's team is "turning our attention to the threat a... More »

Fox Cancels Monday's Debate

After Trump, Kasich drop out

(Newser) - Fox News, apparently uninterested in hosting a forum in which Ted Cruz debates, alone, on live national TV, has canceled Monday's GOP presidential debate. Donald Trump was the first to drop out of the Utah debate, claiming on Wednesday that there have been "enough" debates already , and John... More »

Clinton, Sanders Reach Deal for 4 More Debates

O'Malley happy to debate 'any time, anywhere'

(Newser) - After months of complaints, Bernie Sanders appears primed to get his wish: additional debates. The Hill reports Sanders and Hillary Clinton have reached an agreement to hold four more debates, starting with an unsanctioned-by-the-DNC event on Feb. 4 in New Hampshire. The deal was actually spurred by Clinton, who pushed... More »

So Who Won: Fox or Trump?

Well, it's not exactly clear

(Newser) - Who won Thursday night: Donald Trump or Fox News? The early word seems to be that there's "no clear winner," as the Baltimore Sun puts it. Trump, of course, skipped the Fox News GOP debate, and other networks including CNN and MSNBC ran portions of Trump's... More »

Trump Says He'll Skip Fox Debate

He won't appear on stage with Megyn Kelly

(Newser) - Donald Trump on Tuesday bowed out of the final Republican presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses, saying Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly is "a lightweight." With 48 hours to go before the faceoff, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski confirmed Trump's decision Tuesday evening after a press conference in... More »

Martin O'Malley May Not Qualify for Upcoming Dem Debate

His low poll numbers could be a huge problem

(Newser) - The Democratic Party's official third wheel—Martin O'Malley—may not qualify for the next Democratic presidential debate on Jan. 17, the New York Times reports. And CNN says he's "dangerously close" to watching the debate on NBC with the rest of us. Which is ironic, as... More »

Primary Debate Will Tackle Terrorism After Paris Attack

'This is exactly what the president is going to have to face'

(Newser) - The second Democratic primary debate will go on as scheduled Saturday on CBS News, but the focus has changed dramatically in the wake of the attacks that left more than 100 dead in Paris, the Los Angeles Times reports. "You've got to get into how do you handle... More »

Donald Trump: CNBC Is Lying About My Poll Numbers

He complains debate will be 'unfair'

(Newser) - Poor Donald Trump is having a really hard time accepting his new No. 2 spot in the polls . "After a great evening and packed auditorium in Iowa, I am now in Colorado looking forward to what I am sure will be a very unfair debate!" the presidential contender... More »

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