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Microchip Pill Will Keep Tabs on Users

Regulators worry about 'smart pill' data privacy

(Newser) - "Tattletale pills" that keep track of when their people are taking them are moving a step closer to reality. Swiss biotech firm Novartis AG plans to seek regulatory approval for a pill with a tiny embedded microchip that can transmit data to smartphones or over the Internet to... More »

Novartis Acquires Plavix Rival

Novartis acquires worldwide rights from a San Francisco biopharmaceutical firm

(Newser) - Novartis AG will pay a San Francisco biopharmaceutical company $75 million—with the potential for an additional $500 million—for the worldwide rights to an experimental anticlotting drug the Swiss drug firm hopes will rival Plavix, reports the Wall Street Journal. Market leader Plavix rang up $8.22 billion in... More »

Bone Drug Reduces Breast Cancer Relapse

Women on Zometa had 35% less chance of having tumor again

(Newser) - A drug designed to protect cancer patients' bones also renders breast cancer relapses less likely, a new study says. Funded in part by the drug's maker, Novartis, researchers found that even two injections of Zometa a year cut tumor recurrence by 35% in more than 1,800 pre-menopausal women. More »

Drug Therapy Cuts Risk of Breast Cancer Relapse

Aromatase inhibitors work after tamoxifen regimen ends

(Newser) - New research shows that women can cut the risk of breast cancer recurring years later by taking certain drugs, the Washington Post reports. Studies show that the drugs, known as aromatase inhibitors, sharply reduced the risk of cancer's return after women had finished their regimen of the widely used tamoxifen.... More »

Beefed-Up R&D Slows Drug Approval

Just 19 new meds cleared FDA in 2007

(Newser) - The FDA approved only 19 new drugs in 2007, the lowest total in 24 years. Bloomberg takes a look at the reasons. Some drug companies accuse the FDA of setting the bar higher for drug approvals, a charge the agency denies. Many, however, say the issue lies with big pharma... More »

5 Stories