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Thousands Join Conservative Political Party 'by Mistake'

Demi Moore is among those who joined

(Newser) - A survey has found that tens of thousands of voters, including Demi Moore and other celebrities, have mistakenly registered as members of a conservative minor political party in California in a mix-up over its name, a newspaper reported Sunday, the AP reports. The Los Angeles Times says that a telephone... More »

Dems' Convention Secrets Revealed: GOPers Involved

Writing for Politico, Mike Allen shares details from planning documents

(Newser) - Politico's Mike Allen got his hands on the Democrats' convention planning documents, and they reveal a fierce, two-prong strategy: Portray Mitt Romney as, in Allen's words, a "heartless aristocrat" who doesn't understand the middle class (while proclaiming that Obama has long been its champion), and... More »

Next Stop for California GOP: 3rd Place?

Independents could make up more of electorate in just 6 years

(Newser) - California's Republican Party has hit on hard times—even as the Democrats preside over a nearly 11% unemployment rate. Not one Republican holds statewide office, and the party is at risk of falling behind both Democrats and independents in the state's electoral makeup within six years. Right now,... More »

GOP Women Help Mitt Close Ratings Gap

Obama remains far ahead on enthusiasm, but independents split

(Newser) - Now that Mitt Romney has finally clinched the Republican nomination, the party appears to be rallying around him, boosting his favorable numbers, according to a new Washington Post / ABC poll. Romney's favorable rating still trails President Obama's, but the 52%-41% gap is much closer than last month'... More »

Elizabeth Warren Leads Scott Brown in New Poll

She's up 5 points, thanks to independent voters

(Newser) - A spate of polls earlier this month showed Scott Brown taking a solid lead over Elizabeth Warren in his bid to stay in the Senate in Massachusetts. A new survey from Public Policy Polling will cheer Warren's supporters: It shows her in front, although by a scant 46-41 margin,... More »

Negative Attacks Souring Colorado Voters on GOP

'Anybody but Obama' not enough for crucial independents in swing states

(Newser) - The bruising, highly negative Republican presidential nomination fight appears to be creating a new casualty as the race moves into swing states like Colorado—independent voters, reports the Los Angeles Times . President Obama may have disappointed many voters over the past three years, but the GOP candidates' continuing bashing of... More »

Obama's Achilles Heel: Independents

But they've turned on GOP in Congress even more

(Newser) - Independent voters were key to President Obama's victory in 2008, but this year he may have a tougher time winning them over. Only 31% of independents say they view Obama favorably, while two-thirds say he's done little to improve the economy, a New York Times /CBS poll finds.... More »

Will Independents Embrace Huntsman?

He's up to 13% in New Hampshire, thanks to independent voters

(Newser) - Just about every candidate who has run for the GOP nomination has had his (and her) moment in the sun, only to pull an Icarus when the media glare got too hot. Now, after months of polling below margins of error, this could be Jon Huntsman's chance to soar—... More »

Independent Voters Look Like Dimwits

... and they may decide the 2012 election: Michael Kazin

(Newser) - Most political polls these days emphasize what the all-important bloc of independent voters is thinking, but a closer reading suggests they may not be thinking at all, writes Michael Kazin in the New Republic . He notes a recent survey by Democracy Corps in which independents agreed with GOP talking points... More »

Women Don't Trust Palin on Abortion: Poll

54% of all voters think Planned Parenthood trustworthy; 24% think same of Palin

(Newser) - Most American voters—particularly women—don’t trust Sarah Palin on women’s health issues like abortion, sex ed, and birth control, a Planned Parenthood poll finds. While 54% of voters consider Planned Parenthood trustworthy on women’s health, only 24% find Palin trustworthy on the matter. The numbers inch... More »

Palin Leads GOP Prez Poll

Just 43% believe Obama deserves second term

(Newser) - Sarah Palin can win the Republican nomination for 2012—but she can't win the presidency, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll . The nationwide poll found that Palin—who recently told Barbara Walters she could defeat President Obama —would narrowly win a primary involving the current most-likely GOP front-runners, but... More »

Tea Partiers Find Campaigning Tougher Than Protesting

Movement must choose between the faithful, the electable

(Newser) - As this year's GOP primaries turn many Tea Partiers from protesters into candidates, the campaign trail is giving the populist movement a sobering lesson in political realities. In many districts with vulnerable Democratic incumbents, the GOP primary field is overcrowded with inexperienced candidates who are struggling to raise money, and... More »

Health Reform Won't Save Dems

The bill won't be any more popular after it's passed, writes Kim Strassel

(Newser) - The Democrats are living in dreamland if they think passing health care is good politics, writes Kim Strassel. The bill isn't going to become any more popular than it is now with independent voters if it becomes law, and passing it is hardly going to energize a Democratic base that... More »

New, Less Creepy GOP is Emerging

Brown's victory shows America's now permanently in play

(Newser) - Scott Brown's victory may signal the beginning of the end of the standoff between the free-spending, big government nuts and the free-spending, hypocritical creeps, writes Peggy Noonan. Voters thought President Obama was a moderate before they saw his governing attitudes and what they would cost, and decided he was a... More »

Voters Losing Faith in Obama, Democrats

People split on which party should control Congress; first time since '03

(Newser) - President Obama is still personally popular with voters, but approval of his party continues to slip and galvanize support for Republicans, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows. Voters are split 41%-41% on which party should control Congress after November—the first time voters haven't favored Democrats in this poll... More »

GOP Base United Vs. Obama, Little Else

For most, leadership is ineffective, or nonexistent

(Newser) - A lot of strong opinions are swirling around the Republican base, but none of them appear to point a way forward for the fractured party. GOP voters and GOP-leaning independents polled are united in their distrust of—even anger at—the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress. But second in... More »

Palin: Our First WWE Politician

Pick an asshole, any asshole, and she'll rock the house

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is America’s “first WWE politician,” barren of actual political ideas but on a crusade against “assholes,” Matt Taibbi writes. The governor-turned-author is “a cartoon combatant who inspires stadiums full of frustrated middle American followers who will cheer for her against whichever villain... More »

How Palin Can Make a Comeback

Get ready for moose burgers in the White House

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is despised by Democrats and distrusted by independents, but that doesn't mean they won't be "serving up moose burgers in the White House" by 2013, writes Matthew Continetti . Palin won the Alaska governorship in 2006 on a center-right, bipartisan platform. Using that playbook again and learning from... More »

Voters Seek—But Don't Find—Safety

Independents flee Dems to avoid 'turmoil and risk'

(Newser) - Independent voters are more volatile than ever, and politicians who want their votes need to regain their trust first, writes David Brooks . Polls show those voters, especially in new suburbs hard hit by recession, trust the government less than ever before, leaving them "in the position of a person... More »

Voters Now a Rampaging Herd

Get ready for a permanent tea party as voters seek leaders

(Newser) - In the GOP upsets in Virginia and New Jersey, Daniel Henninger doesn't just see Obama backlash, he sees a voter rebellion from both parties, with independent Americans behaving like stampeding cattle. That independents would within one year swing from Obama enthusiasts to backing decent-to-weak Republicans in Virginia and New Jersey... More »

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