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Reporter May Have Found the Last American Slave Ship

Ben Raines of thinks he's uncovered the Clotilda in Alabama

(Newser) - Russell Ladd remembers seeing the shipwreck as a boy fishing with his father at low tide. His father told him it was the Clotilda, the last American slave ship, though Ladd wasn't sure he believed him. He might now. Using Ladd's account and historical records, including the journal... More »

10 Fattest Cities in America

Jackson, Mississippi, takes the top spot

(Newser) - WalletHub has ranked 2017's fattest cities in America, and—as the US is once again the fattest country in the world—possibly the fattest cities anywhere. More than 70% of Americans over the age of 15 are considered overweight or obese by one metric. WalletHub ranked 100 of... More »

NAACP President Arrested at Jeff Sessions' Office

Dozens of activists staged all-day sit-in

(Newser) - Cornell William Brooks, national president of the NAACP, was among six people arrested Tuesday evening after an all-day sit-in at the Alabama offices of Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump's nominee for attorney general. Around two dozen civil rights activists occupied the Republican's Mobile offices at around 11am, denouncing... More »

On an Alabama Beach, 57 Dead Sharks

The majority were caught in a net: witnesses

(Newser) - Beachgoers were treated to a jarring sight—and smell—on the western shore of Alabama's Mobile Bay Saturday when they discovered dozens of dead bull sharks. "We kept smelling this awful smell every time a gust of wind would come," a beachgoer tells FOX6 . "We [checked]... More »

3 Injured in Alabama Barge Explosions

Carnival Triumph evacuated

(Newser) - Multiple explosions aboard two fuel barges near Mobile, Ala., led to a major fire last night that left three people critically injured with burns and created a situation so unstable that fire and rescue officials decided to let the fire burn into the night. The injured people were workers with... More »

Gross Cruise Is Finally Over

Ship arrives in Mobile, Alabama

(Newser) - After five days smelly days spent disabled at sea, the Carnival Triumph cruise ship has finally docked in Mobile, Alabama, to the delight of passengers who cheered, danced, and sang "Sweet Home Alabama." Hundreds of people awaited the arrival of the biggest cruise ship ever to dock in... More »

6 Dead, Thousands Stranded in Storm

More than 1,300 flights have been canceled

(Newser) - Nasty holiday weather that brought tornadoes to the South and blizzards across the nation's middle is now headed for the Northeast, reports . It's not going to be a pretty travel day, whether on the ground or in the air.
  • 6 deaths: Winds brought down a tree
... More »

Airbus Plans First US Assembly Line in Alabama

Mobile plant could produce dozens of A320s per year

(Newser) - Airbus plans to invest several hundred million dollars in a new plant in Mobile, Ala., which would be the European plane manufacturer's first factory on US soil, sources tell the New York Times . The move would ramp up its competition with Boeing, which has been the only company building... More »

1 Killed, 3 Missing in Coast Guard Chopper Crash

Officials resume search thwarted by fog in Mobile Bay

(Newser) - Rescuers are this morning again attempting to access the wreckage of an MH-65C Coast Guard helicopter that went down in Alabama's Mobile Bay last night, having been thwarted by foggy conditions in the search for three missing crew members. Divers overnight failed to gain entry to the wreckage, which... More »

Ike Uncovers Mystery Shipwreck

Wooden wreck on Alabama beach could be remains of Confederate schooner

(Newser) - The waves of Hurricane Ike uncovered a wooden shipwreck on an Alabama beach that experts think could be a Civil War schooner, the Mobile Press-Register reports. The wreck's length matches that of the Monticello, which ran aground in the area in 1862 while trying to sneak past the US Navy... More »

Man Throws His 4 Kids From Bridge

Victims range in age from 4 months to 3 years; bodies still missing

(Newser) - An Alabama fisherman confessed to throwing his four young children to their deaths off an 80-foot bridge, the AP reports. Lam Luong, a 37-year-old Vietnamese immigrant, initially told police the children—ranging in age from 4 months to 3 years—were missing before admitting yesterday he had thrown them off... More »

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