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11 Celebs Who've Never Been Married

Most of them don't see walking down the aisle in their future

(Newser) - Daryl Hannah is supposedly dating rocker and fellow activist Neil Young—and if they were to, say, get married, it would be a first for Hannah, 53. But she's not the only Hollywood star to have never wed:
  • Oprah Winfrey has never married, though she's been with Stedman
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7 Stars Who Never Got Married

One couple has been together 3 decades

(Newser) - You may not have realized it, but you've never read about an extravagant wedding thrown by any of these dozen celebs rounded up by YourTango —because none of them have ever married. Click through the gallery for a sampling or check out the full list here . (Or click... More »

Pacino to Play Paterno in Penn State Movie

'Happy Valley' will explore Penn State scandal

(Newser) - The story of Joe Paterno and his fall from grace amid the Penn State sex abuse scandal is being turned into a movie, with some big names attached. Al Pacino will play the legendary coach in Happy Valley, which will be directed by Brian De Palma, Deadline reports. The two... More »

Sandler, Jack and Jill Rule Razzie Noms

Actor's 11 nominations more than double previous 1-year record

(Newser) - Adam Sandler dominated like no other would-be thespian that bane of awards season, the Razzie Awards nominations, pulling in 11 nods as an actor, writer, and producer, reports the LA Times . Among the lowlights this year:
  • Sandler's 11 nominations are more than twice as many as anyone else ever
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Pacino's Kid Busted for DUI

'I had a few beers and pot,' cops say Julie Pacino confessed

(Newser) - Al Pacino's 21-year-old daughter admitted she drank a few beers and smoked some weed before climbing behind the wheel for a spin in Manhattan with an unidentified male companion, according to cops. Julie Pacino was stopped at a police checkpoint over the weekend when cops noticed her California driver'... More »

Tony Awards Snub Hollywood

Daniel Radcliffe, other big names miss out on nominations

(Newser) - Last year's Tony Awards saw a plethora of Hollywood winners— to the annoyance of some —but this year looks to be a different story. Quite a few big names were skipped over when nominations were announced today, most notably former frontrunner Daniel Radcliffe for How to Succeed in ... More »

King's Speech Takes Top Prize at SAG Awards

Colin Firth, Natalie Portman take top acting honors

(Newser) - The King's Speech took top prize at the Screen Actors Guild awards, giving the Oscars front-runner added momentum after it took top honors at the Directors Guild awards Saturday night. The British royals drama won the trophy for outstanding cast, the SAG equivalent of Best Picture, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

10 Surprising Celeb Dropouts

It's not just Disney starlets who ditch education

(Newser) - The fact that Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears never finished high school isn't exactly shocking. But you might be surprised to hear that these more serious celebs also dropped out. The Frisky found 10 you wouldn’t expect:
  1. Hilary Swank: Managed to snag a role as a high school teacher
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Dynasty Star John Forsythe Dead at 92

(Newser) - John Forsythe, a versatile actor who gained lasting fame as Blake Carrington on the pioneering prime-time soap Dynasty and as the voice of the mysterious Charlie on Charlie's Angels, died yesterday in California. He was 92. Best known at the time as the affable star of Bachelor Father, Forsythe played... More »

Seinfeld, 'Pacino' Upstage Law's Rule on SNL

And Sam Elliot has some very serious advice

(Newser) - Oh, so Jude Law hosted Saturday Night Live last night, but Popeater reports that a less-than-enthralling opening monologue was quickly upstaged by guest appearances by Jerry Seinfeld and, ahem, Al Pacino. Click the videos above to watch, and remember: Butts are for pooping. More »

Most Enjoyable Film Clichés

From the 'big speech' to the winning underdog, these tropes tickle

(Newser) - Sometimes clichés can ruin a movie. But for some Onion AV Club writers, a good one can't be beat. A sampling:
  • "The big speech scene": The idea that we can all be "eloquent enough to meet the demands of any moment, like Al Pacino in Scent of
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Best Sports Movie Pep Talks

When you're down, these clips can get you going

(Newser) - World got you down? Let one of these coaches buck you up: AskMen picks the best sports movie inspirational talks. The top five:
  1. Kurt Russell, Miracle: “If we played ‘em 10 times, they might win nine. But not this game.”
  2. Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday: “You
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The Most Undeserved Oscars

SF Chronicle serves up its 'Titanic Awards'

(Newser) - Oscars go to undeserving flicks so often that the San Francisco Chronicle has a prize for them: the Titanic Award. Pop culture critic Peter Hartlaub targets some of the most egregious offenders:
  • Best Picture: Titanic. The award’s namesake, which somehow beat LA Confidential, needs no explanation.
  • Best Actor: Al
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Righteous Kill is Dead Ordinary

Generic cop flick falls flat despite De Niro, Pacino power

(Newser) - Not even the combined star power of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro can save the “tricked-up and often turgid” cop thriller Righteous Kill, critics conclude. The iconic duo finally share some serious screen time as a pair of veteran NYPD detectives tracking a vigilante killer in their midst,... More »

Once Acting Gods, Now Mere Mortals

Latest from De Niro, Pacino is downright embarrassing

(Newser) - They may be two of the most admired American actors ever, but Al Pacino and Robert De Niro's latest films don't exactly do credit to their respective legends, writes Patrick Goldstein in the Los Angeles Times. The two "have become parodies of themselves, making payday movies and turning in... More »

Top 10 Oscars That Weren't

Film classics and actors the Academy overlooked

(Newser) - In the Academy Awards' 80-year history, many classic films, performers, and directors have been robbed of their statues. CNN's Screening Room names the 10 most crushing Oscars that weren't, many of which lost out to—gulp—musicals:
  • 1941: Seminal Citizen Kane loses to sappy How Green Was My Valley
  • 1956:
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Pacino, Ono Push for Dead Celeb Bill

NY law would bar unauthorized bobble heads for 70 years

(Newser) - Actor Al Pacino and Yoko Ono are lobbying the New York legislature to make it a misdemeanor to merchandise unauthorized images of dead celebrities for up to 70 years after their death. The use of sound recordings, or faces and names on anything from T-shirts to bobble heads would require... More »

De Niro and Pacino Reunite

Producer: "This is an event in world history."

(Newser) - They were both in Godfather II, but never on-screen together. They teamed up for Heat, but only for a few scenes. Now Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are finally going to tear up the screen together for a whole movie. "This is an event in world history,"... More »

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