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Bad Radio Reception? Blame Pot Growers

Lights used in grow-ops are throwing interference

(Newser) - As marijuana operations proliferate, users of ham and AM radio frequencies are grumbling—if that makes any sense. Tom Thompson, 73, discovered the problem a few years ago when his ham radio chats with friends became harder to hear and he traced the issue to a local grow-op. With recreational... More »

Brit Intelligence Leaked Di 'Squidgy Tapes,' Says Guard

'Intimate call broadcast on airwaves'

(Newser) - A British intelligence agency likely recorded Princess Diana's intimate phone conversations with her lover and leaked the embarrassing 1992 "Squidgygate" tapes, her former bodyguard testified yesterday at the inquest into her death. In the tapes, widely distributed by the press, car salesman James Gilbey tells Diana: "I love... More »

2 Stories