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Peru Distributes '$100 Laptop'

One Laptop per Child effort faces on-the-ground test

(Newser) - One Laptop per Child got a bumpy start, with the “$100 laptop” soaring to $188, for-profit competitors snatching customers, and developing countries hesitating to buy. But the true test for the nonprofit comes now, as Peru prepares to send 486,500 computers to its poorest schoolchildren. The country faces... More »

If $100 Is Too Steep, Wait for the $75 Laptop

One Laptop Per Child exec spins out new firm to make cheaper model

(Newser) - The former chief technology officer of the One Laptop Per Child program has formed a spin-out company that seeks to take the XO laptop a step further—and reduce the cost of the basic computer from $100 to $75. The new operation, Pixel Qi, will aim to develop a cheaper... More »

2 Stories