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Pakistan's Top Justice Returns to Jubilation

Reinstated judge calls for end to corruption

(Newser) - Pakistan's chief justice triumphantly returned to the bench today, reports the BBC, as supporters showered him with rose petals outside the supreme court in Islamabad. Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry was suspended by former president Pervez Musharraf during the 2007 state of emergency. Last week current president Asif Ali Zardari finally fulfilled... More »

Judge's Restoration Is Cause for Joy, Hope in Pakistan

(Newser) - Pakistan’s chief justice has been reinstated, inspiring not only celebration but renewed hope among that country’s citizens, the New York Times reports. Happy lawyers—central to the popular effort—and others camped out on the lawn of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s home today, but his victory is seen... More »

Pakistan Blacks Out TV Station Amid Protests

Info minister resigns as gov't bars 'anti-establishment' channel

(Newser) - A Pakistani TV station that criticized the government in recent weeks has had its signal blocked in some areas of the country on government orders, a station official said. The country’s media clampdown has driven its information minister to resign in protest, another official noted. The station shutdown occurs... More »

US Envoys Try to Defuse Pakistan Crisis

Obama administration holds talks as violence, protests continue

(Newser) - The US is attempting to defuse the escalating political crisis in Pakistan, reports the New York Times, as the police continued to beat and arrest protesters marching to Islamabad. The American ambassador yesterday visited Nawaz Sharif, the former PM whose supporters have joined the lawyers movement in anti-government demonstrations. Later... More »

Pakistan Protests Escalate, Sharif Alleges Death Threat

Dozens beaten and arrested as 'long march' to Islamabad begins

(Newser) - Pakistani police continued their crackdown on protesters today as Nawaz Sharif, a former PM turned opposition leader, accused the government of conspiring to kill him. Political activists and the country's lawyers defied a ban on protests, facing beatings and arrests in demonstrations from Karachi to Lahore. Sharif said he had... More »

Police Gas Pakistan Lawyers

Protests supporting sacked chief justice turn violent

(Newser) - Police in Pakistan fired tear gas at a rally of about 100 lawyers in Karachi as the country's deposed chief justice, still under house arrest, roused supporters across the country on a smuggled mobile phone, calling for the incoming government to reinstate him and his colleagues. The justice, whom President... More »

Pakistan Suicide Attack Kills 23

Explosion near lawyers' protest site targeted police

(Newser) - A suicide bomb attack in the Pakistani city of Lahore has left 23 people dead, the majority police officers, and wounded 70 others. The explosion occurred at a police checkpoint near the city's high court, where a large protest by Pakistan's lawyers was set to take place, reports Bloomberg. Local... More »

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