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What to Do if You Win Powerball (You Won't)

Lawyer up and wait to claim your prize

(Newser) - If you're hoping to win that $500 million Powerball jackpot tonight, we have bad and less-than-surprising news for you: It ain't gonna happen. But one person ultimately has to defy the stacked-way-against-you odds, and if that happens to be you, do this:
  • Get yourself some good lawyers and
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Website Predicts Your Odds of Dying

Risk based on age, gender

(Newser) - Feeling morbid? A new website will give you your odds of dying in the next year, LiveScience reports. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon came up with DeathRiskRanking.com. Input some basic info—age, gender, place of residence—and the site spits out when and of what you're likely to die. "... More »

Palin 2012 Odds See a Sharp Rebound

Betting suggests gamblers believe Palin can go the distance

(Newser) - Gamblers were rushing to place online bets as soon as they got wind of Sarah Palin's resignation, Keith Thomson writes at the Huffington Post. The odds of her winning the nomination in 2012 shot up sharply the day of the resignation. They then shortened amid a surge in betting as... More »

Grandma Beats House With Record 154 Rolls

(Newser) - Patricia Demauro didn’t know how to play craps. She came to the table in Atlantic City with $100. But when the dice came to her, beginner’s luck paid off. The New Jersey grandmother threw, and threw, and threw. Over four hours and 18 minutes, she threw the dice... More »

Bookies Pay Out on Longshot Clinton Bets

At 100-to-1, Hillary's victory startles political gambling websites

(Newser) - Clinton supporters of an apolitical kind had reason to celebrate after her surprise win in New Hampshire: bettors on a Hillary victory reaped huge payoffs after her odds dropped to a low of 100-to-1. Bloomberg reports that the Dublin-based Intrade had made an Obama result a near certainty, leaving contrarians... More »

5 Stories