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Tyson Recall Gives New Meaning to Rubbery Chicken

Chicken nuggets produced on Nov. 26 might contain rubber

(Newser) - Tyson Foods is recalling 36,420 pounds of chicken nuggets after consumers reported that they contain "extraneous material, specifically rubber." The Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Tuesday that 5-pound packages of "Tyson White Meat Panko Chicken Nuggets," produced on Nov. 26, 2018, should be thrown... More »

Our Biggest Meat Producer Invests in Vegan 'Meat'

Tyson Foods nabs 5% stake in startup Beyond Meat

(Newser) - The country's largest meat producer is investing in a vegan startup. Tyson Foods has acquired a 5% stake in Beyond Meat, whose food products made from plant-based proteins are sold in 11,000 stores across the country, reports the Wall Street Journal . One analyst suspects Tyson Foods is more... More »

Tyson Foods Issues Chicken Nugget Recall

Customers found bits of plastic in their chicken

(Newser) - Tyson Foods Inc. says it's voluntarily recalling more than 132,000 pounds of chicken nuggets after receiving reports that "hard, white plastic" was found in some nuggets. The company based in Springdale, Ark., said Tuesday that the 5-pound bags of fully cooked panko chicken nuggets were sold at... More »

Video Shows Tyson Foods Workers Choking, Hitting Chickens

The chicken giant says it will retrain its workers

(Newser) - Chicken giant Tyson Foods says it will retrain all of its workers who deal with live birds after an animal rights group released hidden footage from within its facilities on Wednesday, USA Today reports. According to the Washington Post , the video from Compassion Over Killing shows workers choking, punching, and... More »

US Poultry Workers Wear Diapers: Report

Denial of bathroom breaks a serious safety issue, affront to human dignity: Oxfam

(Newser) - On the Pilgrim's Pride website , "prioritize the team over yourself" is one of the poultry producer's core values. But in something out of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle , Bloomberg notes, an Oxfam America report suggests that "value" is really a humiliating issue for already marginalized workers... More »

Tyson Foods Factories Saw Nearly 2 Worker Amputations Per Month

A Missouri worker lost both hands in one incident

(Newser) - The largest meat producer in America averaged nearly two worker amputations per month in its factories to start 2015. And that's likely just the tip of the iceberg. Celeste Monforton, a professor of occupational health, requested federal injury reports for Tyson Foods for the first nine months of 2015,... More »

Big-Time Chicken Producer Ditching Human Antibiotics

Tyson Foods will largely eliminate their use in chickens by 2017

(Newser) - Another victory for those calling for antibiotics to be eliminated from our food chain: By 2017, Tyson Foods will have largely eliminated human antibiotic use in its chickens. "Antibiotic-resistant infections are a global health concern," says the CEO in a statement. "We're confident our meat and... More »

Tyson Wins Hillshire Farms Sweepstakes—for $7.7B

Almost $1B more than rival Pilgrim's Pride offered

(Newser) - Tyson Foods has won the bidding war to buy Hillshire Brands, topping an offer from rival Pilgrim's Pride by almost a billion dollars, the Wall Street Journal reports. Tyson will pay $63 a share in cash for Hillshire, which makes Jimmy Dean sausages and Ball Park franks, among other... More »

Dow Plunges 239 Points

S&P 500 sheds 1.9%; financials lead retreat

(Newser) - The markets plummeted today as worries over the economy and problems in the financial sector outweighed high spirits over the rescue plan for mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, MarketWatch reports. The Dow plunged 239.61 to 11,131.08, the Nasdaq nosedived 46.31 to 2,264.22,... More »

USDA Yanks Tyson's Coveted ‘No Antibiotics' Tag

USDA reverses on consumer-friendly label, hurting poultry producer

(Newser) - The USDA has revoked permission for Tyson to label its chicken “raised without antibiotics,” a major blow to a company that has spent tens of millions trumpeting the tag it won in May. The government says it erred in granting the label, because Tyson’s poultry feed contains... More »

Pot Calls Kettle Contaminated

Citing safety worries, China puts the brakes on meat imports from some US processors

(Newser) - In an apparent retaliatory move, China has addressed concerns about food safety—by halting imports from several American meat processors. The country's inspection agency posted a notice on its website late yesterday saying that salmonella-contaminated chicken produced by Tyson and products from several other large US firms had flunked inspection,... More »

Ban Chinese Ingredients? Easier Said Than Done

They're in virtually all processed foods. Six or more in the the Twinkie alone.

(Newser) - In the wake of the pet-food poisoning scandal, some of the biggest U.S. food manufacturers—Tyson and Mission Foods—have banned Chinese ingredients. But since China is the world's biggest supplier of the flavorings, vitamins and preservatives that are used in virtually all processed foods, the bans may be... More »

Chicken Fat Doubles as Diesel

Tyson, ConocoPhillips team up to produce biofuels

(Newser) - Two corporate giants are teaming up to produce biofuels and boost their bottom lines. Tyson Foods, the world's biggest meat producer, and third-largest U.S. oil company ConocoPhillips will be using about half of Tyson's animal fat to make a renewable diesel fuel, which will account for about 3% of... More »

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