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Meet Tomi Lahren, Rising Star of the Right

She's been getting quite a bit of attention since 'Daily Show' appearance

(Newser) - Ann Coulter is so yesterday. Meet Tomi Lahren, whom the New York Times recently called "the right's rising media star." Lahren is a 24-year-old conservative who has an impressive social media following and hosts a show on the Glenn Beck-founded network The Blaze. One of her most-viewed... More »

Sorry, Tea Party: US Remains a Moderate Nation

EJ Dionne thinks Mitt Romney's campaign proves it

(Newser) - No matter who wins this election, the "right wing" is the real loser, writes EJ Dionne in the Washington Post . Romney's recent shift to a moderate narrative, and the fact that his party doesn't seem to mind his contradictions, is evidence that conservatism has taken a drubbing... More »

Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Banned by Germany

Nation takes action as neo-Nazis plan events around anti-Islam film

(Newser) - In the interest of public order, German officials are taking steps to make certain that Koran-burning American preacher Terry Jones can't get into the country. The Jones ban is being instituted amid rumors that far right groups in Germany plan to invite the Florida preacher to speak in the... More »

Loughner More Insane Than Left or Right

He embraced fringe theories on both sides

(Newser) - Analysts looking through Jared Lee Loughner's deranged online ramblings say that while some influence from the extreme left and extreme right is apparent, the only pigeonhole that fits is the one marked "insane." Some elements of the fringe right share Loughner's fixation on grammar conspiracies, currency manipulation, and... More »

Liberals, Conservatives Have Different Brains

Or least different-sized parts, say scientists

(Newser) - Here's a study sure to stoke controversy—British researchers have found that political orientation correlates to the relative size of certain parts of the brain. Liberals can boast of thicker gray matter at the anterior cingulate, while conservatives can brag about their bigger amygdalas, reports the Sydney Morning Herald . How... More »

All Aboard the Right's Misleading 'Humbug Express'

If 'everyone knows' it, no one will question it

(Newser) - This Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge would salute the American right wing: its “media infrastructure” has become a “humbug factory,” capable of spreading propaganda so widely that “it becomes part of what ‘everyone knows.’” Take the widespread idea that President Obama has presided over a... More »

Politics Has Lost Its Bleeping Mind

It's not just the certifiable crazies—it's everyone

(Newser) - In case you hadn't noticed, American politics has flown off the handle, spun its head around crazily a la Exorcist, and sailed clear off the deep end. So to speak. Sure, we sort of took the battier candidates of both sides in stride (we're looking at you, Alan Grayson , Christine... More »

'Mean Girls' Run the GOP

Dowd's sort of afraid of Brewer, Angle, et al

(Newser) - It's a new breed of GOP woman: Whether they're telling Harry to "man up," knocking the president's cojones, carting around a gun, or getting catty with a rival's hairdo, "We are in the era of Republican Mean Girls," writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times.... More »

Harry Reid Can't Bury 'Wingnut' Angle

Tight race has become 'proxy' for national battle

(Newser) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid probably never thought he'd be running neck and neck with the woman who recently topped the Daily Beast's ' Wingnuts Index .' But, try as he might, he can't seem to shake Tea Party challenger Sharron Angle , finds the New York Times . The closely watched... More »

Christine O'Donnell: 'Very Useful Idiot'

Lends 'populist cover' to billionaire-backed movement

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell's fictional resume and anti-masturbation antics may have liberals laughing , but she's no joke, writes Frank Rich in the New York Times . Her ascent is a pure "godsend" for the GOP. Unlike Rove and the Republican old guard, O'Donnell is more than willing to "play the role... More »

2010: It's a Race to the Bottom

Alvin Greene, Meg Whitman, Christine O'Donnell, oh my!

(Newser) - The crazies have come pouring out of the woodwork, writes Gail Collins in a survey of the 2010 election landscape. Sure, not much is new about Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo frustrating New Yorkers' simple dream "of having a governor whose sex life is a complete mystery," but... More »

Dutch Close to Burka Ban in Right-Wing Party Deal

Immigration would also be cut in half in coalition government pact

(Newser) - The usually über-tolerant Dutch will likely soon make the Netherlands the latest European nation to ban the burka. The ban—as well as a deal to cut immigration in half—is part of a pact to form a new minority coalition government that will include the right-wing Party for... More »

Right Wing Flying High, Thanks to Women

They are Mama Grizzlies, hear them roar

(Newser) - Time to face facts, ladies: The Tea Party express appears to be fueled by estrogen. A new film on the ferociously reactionary "Mama Grizzlies" examines candidates like Sharron Angle and Nikki Haley (and now Christine O'Donnell) rattling political races—as well as grassroots organizers of the "reborn" conservative... More »

Hasselbeck: Lesbians Just Can't Find a Man

'View' host shares her theory of lesbianism

(Newser) - She's blabbed about everything from Erin Andrews' outfits to her own nipple , and now Elisabeth Hasselbeck is sharing her theory of lesbianism. The conservative View co-host says older women become lesbians simply because they just can't land a man, reports the New York Daily News . "All the older men... More »

Jim DeMint Could Destroy the GOP

Democrats love his with-us-or-against-us conservatism

(Newser) - Jim DeMint might just be the Democrats’ secret weapon. For starters, the senator from South Carolina is making good on his declaration that he’d rather have “30 Republicans in the Senate who believe in principles of freedom than 60 who don’t,” endorsing lots of far-right candidates... More »

Bachmann: Obama Has Created a 'Nation of Slaves'

Rep's running with health reform=slavery

(Newser) - Looks like the far right is running with this health care reform-as-slavery meme. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann accused President Obama of “turning our country into a nation of slaves,” this weekend at a conservative summit in Denver, Politico reports. She was riffing on a quote from Revolutionary War... More »

Time for 'Rational Conservatives' to Speak Up

Fringe candidates are getting out of control

(Newser) - It's easy to write off the campaign ads of Tea Party candidate Rick Barber in Alabama as the ravings of someone on the fringe, writes Ruth Marcus. But his latest —in which he equates taxes to slavery and uses images of Holocaust victims—is not only "sacrilegious" but... More »

Bar Crowd Burns Obama in Effigy

Secret Service snoops around after Wisconsin incident

(Newser) - Another sign of political nastiness: A bar crowd in Wisconsin burned President Obama in effigy, a stunt that caught the attention of the Secret Service and spawned a YouTube hit. The local Fox station says the Secret Service is no longer interested but that local police are investigating. The bar... More »

Memo to Boasting Republicans: Shut Up!

You're raising expectations way too high

(Newser) - Ann Coulter lays off the left for once and instead turns her fire on the right: Republicans are raising such "sky-high expectations" for the midterms that even if they do well, "it will look like a defeat," she writes at Human Events . "John Boehner is ludicrously... More »

Watch Out: Glenn Beck Making Sense ...Kinda

He agrees with the left at times—but for different reasons

(Newser) - Even those who typically write off Glenn Beck as paranoid, even crazy, must admit sometimes he “catches a real-life demon in his fantasy-world gallery of rogues, and he becomes oddly reasonable”—and he did so twice this week. First, he argued the alleged Times Square terrorist should have... More »

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