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Judge Orders Heroin Dealers to Pay for Antidotes

But they'll serve years in prison first

(Newser) - Fatal drug overdoses have jumped about 40% in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area in recent years, a trend one judge hopes an unusual punishment will help reverse. In two cases this week, Judge Anthony Mariani ordered drug dealers to pay $50 to local EMS for each brick of heroin they... More »

He Sold $80 of Pot, Turned Informant, Ended Up Dead

Now Andrew Sadek's family is suing

(Newser) - Six weeks after Andrew Sadek was last seen leaving his North Dakota State College of Science dorm in May 2014, his body turned up in the Red River. He'd been shot in the head. The 20-year-old was attending college on an electrician's scholarship and was just weeks shy... More »

Did Our Justice System Fail a Sick Psychiatrist?

CSM digs into case of convicted drug dealer Joel Dreyer

(Newser) - Back in the 1980s, Joel Dreyer was a devoted family man and a respected psychiatrist who testified as an expert witness in criminal trials. Today, he's serving 10 years for his stint as one of the biggest prescription drug dealers in California's Riverside County. How did it all... More »

Mom Gets Shot, Loses 3rd Child to Chicago Violence

James Jones of Chicago was targeted in apparent gang attack

(Newser) - A young Chicago drug dealer shielded his mother from gunfire yesterday and died in the process—leaving her with only one child who hasn't died from violence. Three out of four have now lost their lives, her sister tells the Chicago Sun-Times . In the latest killing, Alicia Jones' son,... More »

How One Guy 'Hooked' a Small City on Heroin

Clean-cut Ory Joe Johnson changed life in Laramie, Wyoming

(Newser) - Laramie, Wyoming is a little city of about 31,000 known for its scenic location and good schools—so how did it and nearby towns fall victim to the nation's heroin trend? You can "thank" one guy, GQ reports: A high-IQ, clean-cut over-achiever named Ory Joe Johnson, who... More »

Cops Find Meth Lab ... in Retirement Community

Neighbors say 64-year-old kept to himself

(Newser) - Ah, retirement, the golden years when you can relax, play some golf, and cook a little meth. At least, that's allegedly what it's been like for 64-year-old Robert Short. Police pulled over the senior citizen for a routine traffic stop on Saturday night, only to discover that he... More »

Woman Busted Peddling Heroin —From Her Hospital Bed

She allegedly admits injecting it in own IV, too

(Newser) - Lori Sullenberger allegedly wasn't going to let anything get in the way of her drug dealing—not even a stay in intensive care. Police say the 38-year-old Pennsylvania woman went into the hospital April 14 for an unrelated medical problem, and hospital staff noticed, as a hospital spokesperson puts... More »

4 Arrests Tied to Philip Seymour Hoffman Death?

Cops nab suspected dealers in NYC raids

(Newser) - Have police found the dealers who sold the heroin believed to have killed Philip Seymour Hoffman ? Four suspected dealers were busted in New York City after a tip-off last night, but it's not clear whether they were the actor's direct suppliers or part of a larger ring,... More »

School Dean's Pot Sting Costs District $1M

Seventh-grader used as a decoy, with no police or parental consent

(Newser) - A convoluted plan hatched by a school dean to catch a student suspected of dealing drugs ended up costing the Los Angeles Unified School District $1 million, the L.A. Times reports. The dean, Laura Custodio, found out from a 12-year-old boy that another student had offered to sell him... More »

Man Passes Out in Cab— Carrying Tons of Meth

Note to would-be criminals: Stay conscious when running your drugs

(Newser) - Today's dumb criminals lesson: If you're going to take a cab ride while loaded down with almost half a million in drugs, stay conscious. A 25-year-old Chicago man found himself in hot water after flagging down a cab on Christmas, chatting on his phone for a while, then passing out.... More »

Cops Nab Alleged Dealers... Using Google Street View

(Newser) - Police say they’ve nabbed a trio of alleged Brooklyn drug dealers—after spotting them working a corner in Google Street View. In the photo, they’re not doing anything terribly incriminating, simply milling about outside a bodega. But the bodega’s owner complained to police that they were peddling... More »

87-Year-Old Granny Jailed for Dealing Crack

Ola Mae Agee will turn 88 in prison

(Newser) - Meet Ola Mae Agee, perhaps the world’s oldest drug dealer. The 87-year-old grandmother was found guilty last week of selling cocaine from the living room of her Florida home after an undercover police officer bought $20 worth of crack from her, the Pensacola News Journal reports. Agee, who served... More »

Angie Did Cocaine, Heroin in Front of Me: Dealer

And her old apartment sounds predictably creepy

(Newser) - We all know Angelina Jolie has a wild and crazy past —but according to her former drug dealer, that past includes a lot more than just sleeping with other people’s husbands . “We'd see each other two to three times a week when she was in town. She... More »

3rd-Grader Gives Classmates 60 Bags of Heroin

Baggies were marked 'Trust me'

(Newser) - It's sort of an extreme way of making friends and, er, putting people under the influence: A third-grader brought in more than 60 baggies helpfully stamped "Trust me," and gave them out to his classmates, Pittsburgh-area cops tell the AP . The problem? The baggies all contained heroin. While... More »

DC Couple Receives Box Full of Drugs

Police say dealers often send goods to random homes

(Newser) - When the box arrived, Melanie Sloan just pulled it inside and left it there. “We have an 11-month-old,” says her husband, Eric Anderson. “Sometimes somebody will send us a present and we don’t know what it is.” It was only hours later when they tried... More »

Stoner Goes to Cops After Girlfriend Morphs Into Dolphin

Swedish smoker lodges complaint over psychedelic hash

(Newser) - When a Swedish dope smoker's TV started talking to him and his girlfriend appeared to turn into a dolphin, he decided it was time to lodge a complaint. The befuddled 26-year-old went to his local police station to complain about the low quality of the hash he had been sold.... More »

I Know Lilo's Drug Dealer: Dad

Lohan's always-talking dad Michael is still, not surprisingly, running his piehole

(Newser) - For all those wanting to know exactly which drugs LiLo is on, Michael Lohan might have the answer. In yet another TMI interview with Radar, the celebu-dad says he definitely knows who her drug dealer is: “This guy follows Lindsay all over the place,” he says, adding, “... More »

Drug Dealers: Experts in Recessionary Business

CEOs could learn a lot from hustlers

(Newser) - 50 Cent is the first rapper to pen a book of management advice. It’s a shame, then, that The 50th Law, co-written by Robert Greene, boils down to the worst kind of “be authentic” self-help boilerplate, writes Lucy Lucy Kellaway for the Financial Times. As a former drug... More »

Drug Lords' Bling Dazzles Mexican Agency

(Newser) - Amid the ongoing drug wars in Mexico, one small branch of the country's finance ministry has a special job: selling off the jewel-encrusted pistols, armor-plated Hummers, and even wild panthers and lions seized from dealers' bling-tastic mansions. "You realize that the mansions in movies like Scarface aren't exaggerations,"... More »

Mexican Heroin Seeps Into Rural US

Mexican cartels push the drug into the heartland

(Newser) - As the battle between drug cartels and law enforcement rages in Mexico, traffickers are gaining footholds in America's Heartland. Ohio saw heroin-related deaths spread into 18 new counties between 2004 and 2007, just one indication that dealers aren't limited to big cities. "It's like going to pick up beer,... More »

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