United Nations University

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Coral Reefs Gone by Century's End

Not just pretty: end of reefs often signals mass extinction events

(Newser) - Climate change and the acidification of the oceans—along with overfishing, coastal development, and pollution—will destroy the Earth's coral reefs in as little as 30 years, reports the Independent . The mass-bleaching in the Indian Ocean in 1998 alone destroyed 16% of the world's reefs in just a... More »

United Nations U Seeks to Make Grade as Real College

Boss aims to turn institution into a global degree-awarding university

(Newser) - If you’ve never heard of the United Nations University, don’t feel bad. The institution, or, really, network of institutions, is more of a think tank: Spread across 13 academies around the world, it researches matters important to the global village. Now, the institution's new rector Konrad Osterwalder seeks... More »

2 Stories