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No One Knows How to Cancel Recurring Donations to Trump

There doesn't seem to be an easy way to get out of it

(Newser) - An odd quirk has cropped up on Donald Trump's campaign website that has some donors seeing red. reports there doesn't seem to be a way for people who've set up recurring donations through the site to cancel that running payment. Mic started playing with the... More »

On Your iPhone, an App for Everything—Except Donating

Apple makes it hard for users to give to charity

(Newser) - Need directions to the store, a recipe for dinner, the latest tweets from all your friends, or a silly game to while away the hours? There’s an app for (all of) that. But one thing you can’t do on your iPhone is make charitable donations—at least, not... More »

Dems Expect Fundraising Decline

Only consolation: GOP will probably do much worse

(Newser) - The economic slowdown is having its expected effect on Democratic fundraising, and the added effects of “donor fatigue” and the magnetic force that draws campaign cash to Barack Obama could leave them pinched for the next election cycle, Politico reports. But things could be worse—like they are for... More »

Obama Rakes in $52M in June

So much for losing his fundraising power

(Newser) - Barack Obama is back up in the fundraising stratosphere, pulling in $52 million in June, the campaign said today. The total is just shy of the record $55 million he drew in February, and it more than laps John McCain’s $22 million take in June. The total lays to... More »

Death Knell Tolls for Campaign Finance

Obama snub of public cash highlights weakness of system

(Newser) - Barack Obama's decision to forgo public financing for his presidential campaign represents the biggest challenge yet to the troubled, loophole-filled system. But while the Illinois senator is now poised to spend a record amount to win the presidency, the explosion of  Internet donations that have propelled his campaign might actually... More »

Obama Test-Drives Public Funds Opt-Out

Says Internet giving is the new populist space

(Newser) - Barack Obama has been taken to task for refusing to renew a 2007 pledge to use public financing in the general election, and a speech last night may have been a preview of the logic he’ll use to opt for private money instead. The candidate argued that Internet giving... More »

Clinton Finally Figures Out the Internet

She's no Obama, but suddenly Hillary has online donors too

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is suddenly raking in donations over the Internet, the New York Times reports. Clinton took in $30 million online in February, and looks on pace for similar figures in March. That may pale before the $45 million the webizens bestowed upon Barack Obama, but it’s a landmark... More »

$55M Another Record Month for Obama

February take, mainly online, shatters his previous best of $36M

(Newser) - Barack Obama has 55 million reasons to keep his chin up despite losses this week in Democratic primaries, the Chicago Tribune reports, with the Illinois senator taking in $55 million in February to shatter, again, records for political donations. About 750,000 people donated last month; $45 million came online—... More »

Obama Rakes in $50M, Clinton $35M in February

Democrats flush with cash heading into crucial primaries

(Newser) - Barack Obama's campaign will have raised roughly $50 million by the time February ends, the New York Times reports. The record figure overshadows Hillary Clinton's tally of about $35 million for the month, her highest total yet. "It's an extraordinary number for us," said Clinton's campaign chief. The... More »

Obama Expects to Rake in $30M This Month

Half of record January millions were donations under $200

(Newser) - After hauling in an epic $32 million in contributions in January, Barack Obama is expecting a near record-busting $30 million in donations this month. Even more striking, the candidate for change seems to raise most of his money in just that—change. Half of January's yield came in online contributions... More »

At Last, a Win for Romney: $5M in 1 Day

Clinton, McCain seeing millions in post-NH fund-raising bounces

(Newser) - Mitt Romney bagged $5 million in donations yesterday, and aides called the more than 10,000 contributions a “solid affirmation of support” for the second-place New Hampshire finisher, the Boston Herald reports. The candidate said the donation bonanza showed “a continued belief” that he’s the only Republican... More »

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