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950 Tries Later, Woman Passes Driving Test

Now all South Korean has to do is pass the physical test

(Newser) - A 68-year-old South Korean woman has finally been granted the chance to take her actual, physical driving test after completing the written exam—on her 950th try. Cha Sa-soon took the test and failed almost daily since April 2005 before recently squeaking through with the minimum score of 60%. At... More »

Ad Hits Obama on Drivers Licenses

9/11 hijacker's face blurs into WTC image, then one of Democrat

(Newser) - The National Republican Trust PAC is airing a dramatic new ad attacking Barack Obama for supporting drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, Ben Smith reports in Politico. It brings back an old national-security criticism of the Democrat, Smith writes, in “the most cutting, over-the-top, way available”: images of the 9/11... More »

Feds to Unveil New ID System

States get more time to phase in more secure licenses

(Newser) - Homeland Security officials will unveil plans today for new super-secure drivers' licenses but will give reluctant states more time to comply, the AP reports. Every American under 50 will have to switch to the new licenses by 2011 and those older by 2018. The licenses will be linked to a... More »

3 Stories