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After Pluto, Spacecraft Has Another Big Mission

Next up: the Kuiper belt

(Newser) - The New Horizons spacecraft has wowed us back on Earth with its 3 billion-mile Pluto mission , but it's still got a lot of traveling to do. In fact, scientists expect it to keep making headlines for another two decades or so. After Pluto, the spacecraft is off to explore... More »

OK, Voyager Has Definitely Left Solar System: NASA

And it's the first man-made object to have ever done so

(Newser) - The Voyager 1 has officially become the first man-made object to cross out of the solar system and into interstellar space—no, really this time. After a series of mistaken and controversial reports, NASA today published a study concluding that the probe definitively crossed the threshold of charged particles and... More »

Voyager Nears Edge of Solar System

Spacecraft reaches region where solar winds stop

(Newser) - Some 33 years after it was launched in 1977, Voyager 1 has reached the outer edge of the solar system and is on course to become the first man-made device to sail into the vast stretches of space that lie beyond. Astronomers have confirmed that the spacecraft has reached a... More »

LG's Voyager Not So Fly

iPhone lookalike doesn't hold candle to real thing

(Newser) - LG’s new touch-screen Voyager phone is vastly inferior to the obviously similar iPhone, despite offering a few features Apple doesn’t, concludes the Wall Street Journal. The Voyager's hardware and particularly its software fails to impress, and the phone’s interface is “clumsy and confusing, requiring too many... More »

4 Stories