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Daughter: My Long-Lost Dad Raped Me at Our Reunion

Australian man ultimately pleaded guilty to incest

(Newser) - There's no happy ending to the story of an Australian woman who tracked down her father two decades after he last saw her when she was a baby: The unnamed man raped his daughter when they were reunited, she says. The man says his daughter's mother walked out... More »

Scientists Find Proof of Pharaohs' Incest

They did so by measuring the height of 259 Egyptian mummies

(Newser) - A new study has found that "pharaohs varied less in height than men of the common population," as a researcher explains—a rather plain statement with some pretty gossipy implications. Swiss researcher Frank Rühli and his colleagues examined the height of 259 mummies—a group that included... More »

After Couple's Story, NJ May Ban Adult Incest

State legislator to propose legislation to make it illegal

(Newser) - Remember the story about an 18-year-old girl who reunited—really reunited—with her long-lost father and agreed to marry him ? So does New Jersey state lawmaker Mary Pat Angelini. After learning that the couple planned to move to New Jersey because the state has no laws on the books... More »

18-Year-Old Plans to Marry Her Long-Lost Father

Young woman says the two were instantly attracted after a 12-year absence

(Newser) - It's been established that reuniting with long-lost relatives can and does result in "Genetic Sexual Attraction," a term coined in the 1980s. In fact, some have estimated that elements of sexual attraction occur in as many as half the cases of estranged loved ones who meet as... More »

For This Animal, Incest Is Safest Bet

Banded mongoose risks survival in mating outside native group

(Newser) - Mammals tend to avoid incest as a rule, mainly due to the resulting health issues in offspring. There are exceptions, however, and a team of researchers has discovered—for the banded mongoose, at least—incest isn't always such a bad idea. The animals have an oddly high degree of... More »

Germany Ethics Council: Let's Legalize Incest

Government council says consensual sibling incest should not be punished

(Newser) - Patrick Stuebing was adopted as an infant, met his biological sister when he was 24 and she was 16, and started a relationship with her that resulted in four children. In 2008, Stuebing was convicted of incest, and went to prison for three years. He's been fighting the anti-incest... More »

Sister Caught Kissing Bro in Jail Now ... Back in Jail

Charlene Ellet charged with assaulting her husband

(Newser) - In case you were curious what else goes on in the life of a Texas woman who admitted to carrying on an affair with her brother , it apparently involves charges of choking one's husband—and yes, that's a different person than dear old bro. Charlene Ellet was released... More »

Shoplifting Bust Ends in Siblings Admitting to Affair

Woman allegedly admits to 'sexual relationship' with her brother

(Newser) - All Charlene Ellet wanted to do, authorities say, was shoplift at a Walmart—but her day went downhill from there. While officers detained the 25-year-old, her brother, Cameron Beck, showed up looking for her, and in his backpack deputies found a "cut pen with a crystal substance on it"... More »

A Dozen Children Seized From Incest Family 'Cult'

Children lived in filth, can barely speak, are deformed

(Newser) - Kimberly Colt is only 13 years old, but she's already had sexual contact with her uncle Dwayne—who is 9—while her aunt Carmen, 8, watched. She can't read or write, because she can barely see or hear, and she doesn't know how to clean her teeth,... More »

Pa. Governor Likens Gay Marriage to Incest

Comparison follows earlier one likening gays to children

(Newser) - Tom Corbett likened gay marriage to incest today—and that was his attempt to walk back an earlier comment likening it to a union of children. In an interview with WHP-TV today, the Pennsylvania governor was asked about a state attorney's comments likening same-sex marriages to marriages involving 12-year-olds.... More »

Jeremy Irons: Gay Marriage Could Lead to Legal Incest

Why couldn't a father then marry a son, he wonders

(Newser) - Jeremy Irons has some interesting ideas about gay marriage. If it's legalized, then "could a father not marry his son?" the Academy Award-winning actor asked in a Huffington Post interview. Sure, incest would presumably still be illegal, but in Irons' view, "it's not incest between men.... More »

Director on Incest: ‘Who Gives a Damn?'

'Love who you want,' says Nick Cassavetes at film festival

(Newser) - At the Toronto Film Festival this weekend, Nick Cassavetes found himself having to defend a scene in his new movie, Yellow, in which a brother and sister are shown to be in love. But he's not apologetic, he reveals in an interview with The Wrap . "We had heard... More »

Abortion Rights Championed in Defense Bill

Insurance would cover troop abortions in cases of rape, incest in amendment

(Newser) - Abortion rights advocates suddenly seem to have a chance to win a battle—but, surprisingly, it's part of the Defense bill debate. Last month New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen quietly added an amendment to the massive annual Department of Defense bill that would permit military health insurance to... More »

Europe to Couple: Incest Is Not a Human Right

German argued ban interferes with his private life

(Newser) - Incest is not a human right, a European court has ruled. The not-surprising decision was passed down yesterday by the International European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, in response to a suit by a German man who has had four children with his biological sister. Dad Patrick Stuebing,... More »

Is Millionaire Who Adopted Girlfriend Committing Incest?

And should John Goodman be prosecuted for it, Terry L. Turnipseed wonders

(Newser) - When Florida millionaire John Goodman adopted 42-year-old girlfriend Heather Laruso Hutchins, he may have successfully protected his assets. But did he set himself up to be criminally charged with incest? Incest is, after all, defined as sexual relations between close relatives—even adopted ones, Terry L. Turnipseed explains on Slate... More »

For Icelandic Lovers, an Incest Database

Íslendingabók tells Icelanders if they're related to their dates

(Newser) - An Icelander's pre-date checklist: Put on a nice shirt, buy some flowers … run date's name through incest database? It sounds crazy, but with Iceland's population at just 300,000, the risk of accidentally romancing a relative is high. Íslendingabók, or the Book of Icelanders,... More »

Echoes of Fritzl: Austrian Arrested in 40-Year Incest Case

80-year-old raped, imprisoned daughters for 40 years: police

(Newser) - Kindling memories of the infamous Joseph Fritzl case , Austrian police have arrested a man on suspicion of raping and imprisoning his daughters for more than 40 years, the BBC reports. The 80-year-old denies wrongdoing, but authorities say one of his daughters fled during an attempted rape and reported his alleged... More »

Man Caught Decades After Kidnapping Teen: Cops

Fugitive James Gibson caught in Kentucky, accused of raping relative

(Newser) - A man who allegedly impregnated and kidnapped a teen relative decades ago has been arrested after years on the run. The alleged victim says she was 13 when James David Gibson began sexually abusing her in Arizona in the late '70s. She says he kidnapped her and forced her... More »

Trucker: I Fathered Stepdaughter's 8 Kids

'German Fritzl' faces 350 counts of child sex abuse

(Newser) - A German trucker on trial for 350 counts of sexual abuse of his children has admitted in court that he fathered his stepdaughter's 8 children—but insists he never abused her. The 48-year-old father, known as Detlef S., began sexually abusing his stepdaughter and her twin brother at the age... More »

New DNA Test Reveals Children Born of Incest

...and it does so without needing mom or dad's DNA

(Newser) - Suspect your parents may have been related? Well, now you can find out behind their back, thanks to new advances in DNA testing, USA Today reports. In a study published yesterday, doctors revealed that they can now determine if a child is born of incest without testing the DNA of... More »

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