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Next for Nyad: 48-Hour Swim for Sandy Relief

Mercifully, in a pool this time

(Newser) - A month after her 53-hour swim from Cuba to the US , 64-year-old Diana Nyad is ready to get her feet wet again. Up next: a 48-hour swim to raise money for Hurricane Sandy recovery. "I'm from New York City and last year I was in town right after... More »

Red Cross Sitting on a Third of Sandy Donations

$110M remains unspent

(Newser) - The Red Cross was the top recipient of donations after Superstorm Sandy, bringing in $303 million to help victims. But as of mid-April, $110 million of that remained unused, the organization says. Though the Red Cross—and some disaster relief experts—says that's a good move, allowing it to... More »

Oklahoma's Fallin: I Need to Cut Red Tape

Plus, GOP did not like Obama's counterterror speech

(Newser) - With President Obama headed for her tornado-ravaged state, Okla. Gov. Mary Fallin told CNN's State of the Union today that while, "so far, we have had a great response" from the feds, she's also worried about the grinding wheels of bureaucracy in the days ahead. "What... More »

Obama Really Did a 'Heckuva Job' on Sandy

FEMA would fail once again under Romney: Paul Krugman

(Newser) - Some on the right might have been hoping that Sandy would be President Obama's Katrina, but Paul Krugman is having none of it: Instead, the president's handling of the superstorm has won him much well-deserved praise and even a bump in the polls, he writes in the New ... More »

2.5M Without Power as Cold Snap Looms

Superstorm Sandy recovery still patchy in NY, NJ

(Newser) - A million customers have regained electricity in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, but a cold snap is coming while 2.5 million homes and businesses remain in the dark, report Reuters and the New York Times . From today's stories:
  • All but roughly 5,800 people have power in Manhattan
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East Coast Picks Up the Pieces

A look at how the recovery effort is progressing

(Newser) - Hurricane Sandy's fingerprints are still all over the Northeastern US—particularly in New York and New Jersey—but the region began slowly churning back to life today. Here's the latest on the recovery:
  • New York City's subway is still waterlogged, but buses are expected to be out
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Japan Launching Massive Recovery Mission

Soldiers aim to retrieve bodies from land and sea

(Newser) - Japan will begin an extensive recovery mission tomorrow, sending almost 25,000 soldiers into the disaster zone to look for the bodies of last month’s earthquake and tsunami victims. About 14,300 people are confirmed dead, but another 12,000 are still missing and presumed killed, the AP reports.... More »

Landslides Wipe Out 4 Indonesian Villages

Another 640 people feared dead in remote areas

(Newser) - At least four Indonesian villages were obliterated by earthquake-triggered landslides that buried as many as 644 people under mountains of mud and debris. Most of the victims were members of a communal wedding party. It's not clear exactly when the landslides occurred, but the full extent of Wednesday's 7.6-magnitude... More »

'L'Aquila Is Finished,' Residents Despair

Ad-hoc recovery is like post-Katrina's FEMA: experts

(Newser) - At the heart of Italy's quake-struck L'Aquila was its namesake university and the 27,500 students the local bars, shops, and hostels relied on for customers. With many fleeing the crippled university and town that will take years to renovate, local shop owners wonder how they'll survive. “L’Aquila... More »

Burma Still Cleaning Up 6 Months Later

Cyclone killed more than 80,000, with more than 50,000 others listed as missing

(Newser) - Six months after Cyclone Nargis smashed into Burma's coastline, killing tens of thousands of people, aid groups say once-lagging relief efforts have picked up pace but the task of rebuilding and recovery is far from finished, the AP reports. Foreign aid staffers were initially barred from cyclone-affected areas and the... More »

Long Lines Await Ike Survivors

'Eye of the aftermath' proves trying for Texas residents in need

(Newser) - With a short supply of commodities like ice and gasoline forcing Texans trying to recover from Hurricane Ike to wait in hours-long lines, President Bush warned today the storm may put "upward pressure" on US fuel prices. Refineries and oil rigs sustained extensive, though not severe, damage, the Houston ... More »

Red Cross Aid Boat Sinks in Burma

Crew survives, but precious supplies are lost as clock ticks

(Newser) - A Red Cross aid boat delivering desperately needed supplies to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis hit a submerged tree and sank in Burma's Irrawaddy Delta today, reports CNN. All those on board survived, but the 500 bags of rice, 5,000 liters of drinking water, and other critical cargo were... More »

Cyclone Could Weaken Junta's Grip

Upcoming vote could challenge government

(Newser) - The devastation of cyclone Nargis could spur stronger opposition to Burma’s ruling junta, the Christian Science Monitor reports. “It could be quite catalytic, like the [2004] tsunami in Aceh,” says a regional aid director. The government, reluctant to allow outside aid, has struggled to cope with the... More »

Crucial White House Emails Remain Lost

Files from '03 — at start of Iraq war — backed up, but where?

(Newser) - White House emails from March-September 2003—the first few months of the Iraq invasion—still have not been found, the Washington Post reports. An advocacy group is suing for the release of the emails, and federal law requires such high-level communications be preserved. Officials, still searching, say the data might... More »

Helping Hands Often Hurt: Study

Harvard researchers recommend steps to improve impact of global aid

(Newser) - Disaster response can be a damaging force when aid isn't applied intelligently and in an organized fashion, a Harvard researcher tells LiveScience. A study by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative found incidences of spoiled food, haphazardly administered medicine, and donated clothes appropriate for neither culture nor climate. The study calls on... More »

Data Centers Ahoy!

SF startup will fill cargo holds with computer networks

(Newser) - This spring will see the debut of a curious new green tech innovation: the floating data center. As an alternative to typical off-site computer backups, a startup plans to build its server networks inside shipping containers stored on cargo ships. International Data Security will open the first at San Francisco’... More »

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