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Bladeless Fan 'Mind-Bending Sensation'

But at $300, not a hugely different experience from the $10 you have now

(Newser) - If you’re in the market for a new desk fan, tomorrow brings a new option: Dyson’s bladeless Air Multiplier. It’s “the most opulent, most eye-catching and”—at $300—“most ludicrously overpriced gadget the company has released yet,” Mark Wilson writes. “And I... More »

Recyclers Turn Discarded Cellphones into 'Green Gold'

Waste from old electronics can pose a threat, or turn a profit

(Newser) - With a smelter burning at more than 2,100 degrees, Belgian recycler Umicore turns tons of e-waste - discarded cellphones, computers and televisions - into “green gold,” extracting precious metals in a process that, while not environmentaly pure is, in Greenpeace’s eyes, preferable to burying the waste... More »

2 Stories