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MacWorld Snoozefest Signals Apple's Decline

Swansong keynote labeled the dullest tech talk since Vista's rollout

(Newser) - Apple's keynote address at the MacWorld expo yesterday felt a lot like the end of an era to those who managed to keep their eyes open during it, Dan Lyon writes in Newsweek. Marketing chief Phil Schiller's "almost unbearable" rollout of various new software features instead of thrilling announcements... More »

iTunes to Sell Music Without Copy Protection

Prices change: They'll range from $0.69 to $1.29

(Newser) - Apple will remove DRM anti-piracy software from the music it sells on the iTunes store, the New York Times reports. As part of a new deal reached between Apple, Sony BMG, the Universal Music Group and the Warner Music Group, songs will be DRM-free and will be priced differently. New... More »

Hackers Hijack Mac Site, Falsely Report Jobs' Death

(Newser) - Hackers today attacked an Apple gossip site covering the Macworld convention and falsely reported Steve Jobs’ death on a live blog, CNET reports. The hack is likely the work of shadowy collective 4Chan, which is also responsible for the “Anonymous” attacks on Scientology. The attack, which included random insertions... More »

Apple Must Unveil Post-Jobs Plans

With company's fortunes inordinately tied to founder, confidence is at stake

(Newser) - Apple’s foot-dragging on revealing its succession plan should founder and CEO Steve Jobs die has become a drag on the company, Michael Hiltzik writes in the Los Angeles Times. “A corporate succession plan is like the Soviet Doomsday Machine in Dr Strangelove,” he writes after 2008 saw... More »

Jobs Prepares to Pass the Torch: Analyst

Apple icon's lower profile signals shift, regardless of health

(Newser) - Steve Jobs is moving slowly toward the exit, and the Apple CEO has assembled such a strong team that even the absence of the company's "irreplaceable face" won't spell disaster, reports Apple Insider. Jobs' decision to skip MacWorld Expo doesn't mean his health is worsening but is "a... More »

Apple to Quit Macworld Expo

Jobs won't be giving keynote address for company's last appearance next month

(Newser) - Apple shocked observers by announcing yesterday that its appearance at next month's Macworld Expo will be its last, Marketwatch reports. CEO Steve Jobs will not be giving a final keynote address at the San Francisco industry gathering where he has traditionally unveiled new products. The company's stock dived 5% following... More »

Jobs Pulls Thin Laptop Out of Air

Apple debuts ultra-thin MacBook Air at Macworld; confirms foray into movie rentals

(Newser) - Steve Jobs today slid his latest trick not from up his sleeve, but from a manila envelope. The Apple CEO unveiled the ultra-thin MacBook Air laptop at the Macworld Expo, reports the AP. Boasting a 13-inch screen, the new Mac ranges in thickness from 0.16 inches to 0.76... More »

Is WiMac In the Air at Macworld?

Steve Jobs will reveal what's up his sleeve next at Macworld

(Newser) - For Apple fanistas, Christmas—as in Macworld—is just around the corner. The annual Mac lovefest in San Francisco opens with a Steve Jobs keynote that usually reveals Apple’s latest and greatest, such as last year’s show-stopping iPhone. What’s in store next week? It could be the... More »

8 Stories