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Diaper Jeans? Really?

Oh, our poor babies

(Newser) - Huggies is apparently trying to start a fashion trend by hawking denim diapers at Target, notes BuzzFeed . "What a wonderful idea!" writes Heather Havrilesky at Salon , who, just in case the sarcasm quotient gets scrunched in this summary, most emphatically does not think this is a wonderful idea.... More »

Diaper Makers Trade Punches in Turf War

Big brands are trying to keep moms loyal, despite big prices

(Newser) - Big diaper companies don’t want to lower prices after recent hikes, so instead they’re fighting to convince new moms that their products are the superior option for bundling that joy. From offering aloe-soaked, organic Huggies to having celebrities tout Pampers to bribing “mommy bloggers,” the recession... More »

Soiled Green: Cloth Diapers Make Comeback

Eco-conscious uprising puts disposables on the defensive

(Newser) - Cloth diapers are getting a serious makeover, as old-fashioned safety pins and rubber liners give way to velcro and water-resistant merino wool covers. New cloth diaper brands, such as Fuzzi Bunz and Happy Heinys, can thank an increasingly eco-conscious population for their success, reports Time, with some companies reporting 50%... More »

3 Stories