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This Might Become California's Official Sport

Surfing, of course

(Newser) - California has an official state tree in the redwood. Now two lawmakers think that something else is so Californian in its nature that it deserves similar stature: surfing. Yes, State assembly members Al Muratsuchi and Ian Calderon have introduced Assembly Bill 1782 to make surfing the official state sport, reports... More »

Surfer's Death Reignites Debate Over Jet Skis

Wildlife officials limit them, but surfers want them for rescues

(Newser) - Mavericks is a legendary surfers' paradise off the California coast, where ridiculously big waves draw the sport's best and bravest. It also happens to be part of a designated wildlife sanctuary, thus setting up this dilemma: Sanctuary officials limit the use of jet skis to protect the fragile ecosystem, but... More »

Surfers Dare Mavericks' Waves

Dangerous contest is a crowd-pleaser

(Newser) - Hordes of international surfers descended on the rocky shores and treacherous waves of Mavericks beach near San Francisco yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reports. The competition was called 24 hours before the air horn went off—enough time for surfers to fly from Brazil and South Africa, and for thousands... More »

3 Stories