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WTC Developer Sues Airlines for 9/11

Silverstein seeks $12.3B on top of insurance payout

(Newser) - The developer of the World Trade Center is suing airlines and airport security companies for $12.3 billion to cover his 9/11 losses, CNN reports. Larry Silverstein signed a 99-year lease on the site just six weeks before the attacks. He holds the defendants responsible for failing to prevent the... More »

Ground Zero Excavation Slow, Pricey

NY Port Authority faces millions in penalties on delays

(Newser) - Ground Zero in New York City is a magnet for patriotism, skepticicm and frustration; underground, it continues to be a very costly challenge. Excavation preparatory to rebuilding is moving so woefully slowly that New York's Port Authority has accrued late fees of $300,000 a day since Jan. 1, with... More »

2 Stories