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The Best SUV, Car, and Truck of the Year

Volvo XC60, Honda Accord, and Lincoln Navigator take the honors at Detroit auto show

(Newser) - The annual Detroit auto show is underway, and a marquee moment is out of the way: The 2018 honorees for best car, SUV, and truck of the year in North America have been named, reports the Detroit Free Press . The winners, and other trends and developments from the show:
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This Is the 'Car of the Year'

Chevy Bolt takes honors at Detroit Auto Show

(Newser) - The Chevy Bolt picked up more bragging rights Monday that you'll likely be hearing about in lots of future commercials. The fully electric vehicle was named Car of the Year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, reports USA Today . The Bolt beat out two luxury sedans,... More »

Big Winners at Detroit Auto Show: Volkswagen, Ford

Golf, F-150 win car and truck of the year

(Newser) - Ford's radical move to aluminum for the body of its flagship F-150 truck has garnered it some additional material: The hardware that comes with the North American Truck of the Year Award. Ford took the top truck honor today alongside the Volkswagen Golf, which was named car of the... More »

Cadillac Gets Its First Car of the Year Award

And Dodge walks off with Truck of the Year

(Newser) - Cadillac won North American Car of the Year for the first time in the award's 19-year history, with the honor going to the ATS at this year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Dodge Ram 1500 was named Truck of the Year, the first win for... More »

Toyota Rolls Out New Family of Priuses

A station wagon, a city car, a plug-in, oh my!

(Newser) - Hoping perhaps to gloss over its recent black eyes, Toyota today burnished its crown jewel, unveiling an expanded Prius line with something for, well, more than just your devout tree-hugger. The automaker is continuing the standard Prius, reports the LA Times, and will also offer: More »

Ford to Add 7K US Jobs Over Next 2 Years

Company expands as demand rises

(Newser) - Ford will add more than 7,000 jobs at US factories over the next two years, the Detroit News reports. The auto giant expects to add 4,000 factory jobs in 2011 and another 2,500 in 2012, along with about 750 coordinating positions, as demand continues to grow for... More »

Cadillac Pitches Hybrid as 'Personal Headquarters'

40-mile electric range is comparable to Chevy Volt

(Newser) - Cadillac is getting into the trendy hybrid market with a new concept car, the XTS Platinum, a plug-in model expected to get about 40 miles off a single charge and hit the road in 2012. After that charge gives out, it takes about 5 hours to top off the battery... More »

Plush New Prius Will Hit 50mpg

As hybrid market goes mainstream, so does iconic car

(Newser) - Toyota's sleeker, more fuel-efficient update to its iconic Prius, already the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the market, offers a city-highway average of 50mpg—up from 46—and a bunch of new amenities. Unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, the 2010 model comes with a more powerful engine, a moonroof, and... More »

Chrysler Eyes Electric Rollout in 2010

Automaker will highlight 4 concepts at the Detroit auto show

(Newser) - Struggling Chrysler is underscoring its green-friendly efforts just ahead of the Detroit auto show, reports the Detroit News, promising to have an electric car in production by 2010. Though a rep said he was “not allowed to” reveal any information about the model, the automaker will reveal a battery-powered... More »

Car of the Year: Mazda2

Compact gets top world honors at New York auto show

(Newser) - The compact Mazda2 took top honors as World Car of the Year yesterday at the International Auto Show in New York, the Detroit News reports. The car, also known as the Demio in some countries, earned accolades from a panel of international journalists for its combination of performance and price.... More »

Toyota, GM Working on Super-Cheap Models, Too

India's $2,500 Tata has market leaders playing catch-up

(Newser) - Work on the world's cheapest cars is underway at the world's biggest car companies, the Associated Press reports. Toyota and GM announced this week at Detroit's North American International Auto show they are working on inexpensive subcompacts similar to India's Tata Motors' $2,500 car and aimed at emerging markets.... More »

Toyota Joins GM in Race for 2010 Plug-In Hybrids

Drivers could recharge cars with normal socket

(Newser) - Toyota, the world's leader in hybrid vehicle production, has geared up to deliver by 2010 a gas-electric hybrid car whose batteries will recharge from a normal electrical socket. With the announcement yesterday at the Detroit auto show, Toyota pits itself against General Motors, which has also pledged a plug-in hybrid... More »

Malibu Wins Car of the Year

Mazda CX-9 wins best truck at Detroit auto show

(Newser) - General Motors' goal of taking on the Camry and Accord got a boost today as the Chevy Malibu won North American Car of the Year at Detroit’s auto show, reports. Its Corvette-inspired twin-cockpit design, and a body shape similar to European luxury cars, has already won media... More »

The Last Muscle Car?

GM debuts the Corvette ZR1—but will the energy bill kill its kind?

(Newser) - GM will unveil the latest version of the Corvette at the Detroit auto show next month in all its supercharged, performance-car glory. But the 2009 Corvette ZR1 may actually be the last of an endangered breed—the Detroit muscle car. The new energy bill, with its stricter fuel economy standards,... More »

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