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Chad Bans, Torches Face Veils

Move follows Boko Haram-linked suicide attacks

(Newser) - Chad has become the latest country to ban Islamic veils, and it has done so more aggressively than countries like France : The government says the ban applies everywhere, not just in public, and security forces will burn full-face veils wherever they're sold, the BBC reports. The move follows two... More »

Saudi Men Need Permission to Marry Foreigners

Government cracks down, even for foreign women already in the country

(Newser) - Saudi men now need government consent to take foreign brides—and if their true love happens to be an expatriate from Myanmar, Chad, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, they're out of luck completely, reports Makkah Daily via the Al Arabiya Network . Police have informed Saudi men that they're banned from... More »

US Sends 80 Troops to Find Kidnapped Girls

Pentagon says they're going to Chad

(Newser) - The US is putting some muscle behind its promise to help find the kidnapped girls of Nigeria. The White House told Congress today that it has sent 80 troops to neighboring Chad to help track down the girls and their Boko Haram captors, reports the Washington Post . The statement didn'... More »

39K Girls Forced to Marry Each Day

UN survey of 42 countries shows more than a third of girls married

(Newser) - How young is too young to get married? In many countries, the answer to that question would disturb you. A new UN Population Fund survey of 42 countries found that more than a third of all girls under the age of 18 in them are married, many presumably against their... More »

Youngest Gitmo Detainee, Captured at 14, Goes Free

(Newser) - The youngest detainee at Guantanamo Bay has been freed to his native Chad, Reuters reports. Mohammed El Gharani was seized in Pakistan in 2001 at 14, and accused variously of being an al-Qaeda operative, messenger, and combatant. Five months ago a judge found the evidence against him insufficient. “That... More »

Chadian 'Vampire' Dish Gets Blood Boiling ... or Frying

(Newser) - There’s a vampire resurgence in Chad, and no, it’s not because Twilight has swept the African country. Cost-conscious residents have resurrected a dish slyly known as “vampire”: cooked animal blood, the BBC reports. With global food prices soaring and meat increasingly expensive, traditional vampire is “actually... More »

UN Fights to Release Child Soldiers in Chad

Boys as young as 13 held captive by African nation's army

(Newser) - The UN has obtained access to 80 child soldiers, some as young as 13, who have been taken prisoner in Chad near the Sudanese region of Darfur. UNICEF says that the children were captured and paraded before television cameras after a battle in early May between the Chadian army and... More »

Scandal! Heartbreak! Clooney Visits Darfur

(Newser) - George Clooney figures prominently in New York Times op-ed columnist Nicholas D. Kristof's latest report from Africa, which Kristof describes as "yet another hand-wringing column about Darfur." He offers to swap dirt on the Hollywood heartthrob for readers' interest—then offers a chilling tale of a "petty... More »

Judge Orders Youngest Gitmo Prisoner Freed

Chadian citizen, 21, has been held at camp since he was 14

(Newser) - A judge has ordered the military to release the youngest prisoner ever sent to Guantanamo Bay, reports CNN. The judge ruled that Mohammad el-Gharani, sent to the detention center in 2002 at the age of 14, was not an enemy combatant. El-Gharani's lawyer said his client, a citizen of Chad,... More »

Sudan Cuts Ties With Chad After Surprise Rebel Attack

Assault was crushed, says Sudan prez

(Newser) - Sudan today severed ties with Chad, charging that the nation aided hundreds of Darfur rebels who launched a surprise assault on the Khartoum suburb of Omdurman late yesterday. Khartoum and Omdurman were heavily guarded and under curfew after the assault hundreds of miles from rebel bases in the west. Sudanese... More »

Google Tracking Refugees

UN info on displaced peoples now available through Earth mapping feature

(Newser) - A new feature allows Google Earth users to take a tour of the world’s refugee hotspots, with images of camps supplemented by information from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the AP reports. The search titan has greatly improved the available resolution in its satellite photos of refugee areas—... More »

Chad Pardons, Frees French 'Orphan' Kidnappers

Chad's president pardons aid workers

(Newser) - The six men imprisoned for kidnapping 103 Chadian children have been pardoned and freed from a French prison, reports the BBC. Convicted in Chad and sentenced to hard labor, the members of charity group Zoe's Ark had been transferred to a facility in France, and received a pardon from Chadian... More »

Darfur Sees New Cycle of Bloodshed, Refugees

Recent upset in Chad has Sudanese military, janjaweed militias on warpath

(Newser) - Darfur may be on a road back to the pitched fighting between rebels, militias and the Sudanese army that killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions 5 years ago, prompting the US to call it genocide, the New York Times reports. The Sudanese government recently stepped up operations in the... More »

12,000 Flee Darfur Raids for Chad

Sudanese gov't says attacks on 3 villages aimed at rebels

(Newser) - Government attacks on Darfur villages, ostensibly directed at rebel fighters, have caused a new exodus of at least 12,000 people from western Sudan into Chad, the BBC reports. The government acknowledges bombing three villages Friday, but said it was targeting fighters from the Justice and Equality Movement. Rebel leaders... More »

Chad President Claims 'Control' of Country

Rebels supported by Sudan 'forced to flee,' Idriss Deby says

(Newser) - The president of Chad said today his forces had reclaimed control of the whole nation, the AP reports. "Security forces have repulsed the aggressors. The mercenaries directed by Sudan have been forced to flee," Idriss Deby said in his first public remarks since the uprising began last week.... More »

Tense Quiet Prevails in Chad

Sarkozy says France will support embattled government if needed

(Newser) - Chad's capital city was largely quiet today as rebels prowled the outskirts of violence-wracked N'Djamena, Reuters reports. "I think they are awaiting some reinforcements,” the foreign minister told the AP. Just in case, Nicolas Sarkozy said France was ready to lend its former colony's government military support. “... More »

Rebels Flee Chad's Capital

Government declares victory; insurgents say move allows civilians to escape hostilities

(Newser) - Rebels pulled out of Chad’s capital city of N’Djamena last night, temporarily ending a 2-day siege, but renewed hostilities broke out today, the AP reports. The rebels said they pulled back to allow civilians to flee, an offer hundreds took advantage of. But the interior minister insisted the... More »

Chadian Army, Rebels Battle a Second Day

Insurgents claim prez trapped in palace; foreigners evacuate

(Newser) - Gunfire echoed through the Chadian capital of N'Djamena today, as government forces struggled to fight back rebels on the second day of an offensive which they claimed had trapped the president in his palace, the AP reports. A spokesman for France's military—which maintains a presence in its former colony—... More »

Rebels Storm Chad's Capital in Coup Attempt

French, US embassies prepare to evacuate amid fighting

(Newser) - Rebels looking to overthrow Chad's president stormed the capital today, advancing toward the African nation’s presidential palace and ransacking its parliament building, CNN reports. Ndjamena has been the site of fierce clashes between rebels and government forces, and today, a military source told the AFP it “is in... More »

Chad 'Kidnappers' in France

Aid workers will serve out Chadian sentences in homeland

(Newser) - Six charity workers convicted of kidnapping children in Chad arrived today in their native France, where they are expected to serve out 8-year sentences, Reuters reports. The six, employees of humanitarian group Zoe’s Ark, will meet with a prosecutor to decide their prison placement. By serving their sentences in... More »

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