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Here's Where People Are Publicly Netflixing

7% of people admit to streaming TV shows, movies while in public restrooms

(Newser) - "Netflix and chill" is out; Netflix and (shudders) pee is in. In a survey of 37,000 adults around the world conducted a few months ago, Netflix found 7% of people admit to streaming movies or TV shows while in a public restroom, Quartz reports. Overall, the company found... More »

The Future of Streaming Looks a Little 'Annoying'

Disney's break with Netflix suggests we'll be juggling multiple services

(Newser) - Netflix users won't get to watch the sequel to Frozen unless they sign up for Disney's own streaming service launching in 2019. For some, that might be a big deal. But there are far bigger consequences being discussed as a result of Disney's announcement this week. Details:... More »

Disney to Ditch Netflix, Launch Own Streaming Service

Services will be launched for both movies and live sports

(Newser) - Disney is launching streaming services for both its movies and live sports, shaking up how it interacts with viewers as it navigates a changing media landscape, the AP reports. The Magic Kingdom will launch a new streaming service in 2019 that will exclusively offer animated and live-action Disney and Pixar... More »

Part of SOPA Could be Back

The part that could send Justin Bieber to jail

(Newser) - Thought SOPA was dead and buried? Its corpse could be reanimated—or at least a body part, anyway. The Washington Post has picked up on a recent government report , which recommends that one part of SOPA be brought back to the table: making it a felony to stream copyrighted works.... More »

Redbox Streaming Service Doesn't Cut It

Austin Carr: It makes no sense to opt for this over competitors

(Newser) - Austin Carr reviews the new movie-streaming venture from Redbox and Verizon, and about the only positive thing he has to say is that it's still in beta and might get better. The rest of the review of Redbox Instant is on the savage side, with Carr making the case... More »

Netflix Streaming Goes Down

Company blames Amazon, its service provider

(Newser) - Many Netflix customers hoping to unwind on Christmas by streaming a movie might have to go back to cable and watch that endless loop of A Christmas Story. The company's streaming service went down last night "across the Americas," a spokesman tells the Wall Street Journal . It... More »

Redbox, Verizon Launching $6-a-Month Movie Streaming

Netflix competitor expected to open to public next year

(Newser) - Watch out, Netflix, here comes Redbox: The movie-rental kiosk company is teaming up with Verizon, as expected , to launch a Netflix competitor. Redbox Instant by Verizon will offer unlimited streaming for just $6 a month, according to AllThingsD . That's less than the $7.99 Netflix charges for the same... More »

Netflix Scores Landmark Disney Movie Deal

Streaming service beats pay TV to rights to show new releases

(Newser) - In a deal Netflix calls a "bold leap forward for Internet television," the company has scored the rights to show new releases from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm starting in 2016, when Disney's deal with Starz Movies expires. Older Disney films will be available on Netflix immediately... More »

We Spent 1 Billion Hours Watching Netflix Last Month

That is indeed a record

(Newser) - It looks like Netflix's image has handily recovered after last year's pricing furor : Last month, viewers spent more than a billion hours watching content on the site, its CEO says, setting a new record. And "when House of Cards and Arrested Development debut, we’ll blow these... More »

Soon: Order Cable, Get Netflix?

Reed Hastings meeting with cable company execs about proposal

(Newser) - In its latest bid to stay ahead of the competition, Netflix is looking to team up with cable companies. The proposal? Add its online streaming services as another "on-demand" option that cable subscribers could access through their set-top boxes. CEO Reed Hastings has quietly met with senior executives at... More »

Another Netflix Rival? Comcast Jumps In

It launches video-streaming service

(Newser) - The competition to offer streamed movies and TV shows over the Internet got even more crowded today as Comcast announced its version, reports the Los Angeles Times . The cable provider's Xfinity Streampix will be available only to Comcast customers for $5 month—it's free for some, depending on... More »

Verizon, Redbox Team Up to Take Down Netflix

New streaming venture announced, but few details given

(Newser) - Watch out, Netflix: Verizon and Redbox are teaming up. Verizon announced today it will enter the video streaming business in a joint venture with Coinstar, the parent company of Redbox DVD rental kiosks, Mashable reports. Verizon said the new service, which will also include access to DVD and Blu-ray discs,... More »

Netflix Rebounds, Shares Surge

Revenues, subscribers, and share price all up at online video leader

(Newser) - After Netflix's miserable third quarter of 2011—which saw its share price plunge 75% , some 800,000 customers quit , and the Qwikster debacle —the video rental giant reversed much of those losses and posted stronger-than-expected results for the last quarter, reports Reuters . Netflix's revenue jumped 47% to... More »

In 3 Months, We Streamed 2B Hours of Netflix Videos

Company says that's a 'high mark'

(Newser) - Despite the uproar and subscriber exodus over its pricing change, people are still making use of Netflix’s streaming service. And how. The company has announced that it streamed more than 2 billion hours of content to members during the fourth quarter, and while it wouldn’t give specific figures... More »

Blockbuster Launching Netflix Rival

But consumers shouldn't expect an end to streaming headaches

(Newser) - A new contender is emerging in the streaming-content wars: Old standby Blockbuster appears set to launch a new streaming video service tomorrow. Right now, the Dish Network-owned company offers pay-per-view on-demand service, but it could make a big splash with its own unlimited-streaming plan, CNNMoney notes. So what does all... More »

Netflix Spins Off 'Qwikster,' CEO Admits 'I Messed Up'

Reed Hastings explains recent price hike, but many still not happy

(Newser) - Netflix’s recent price hike caused rampant backlash , cost the movie rental service one million subscribers , and sent the company’s stock tumbling. Last night, CEO Reed Hastings admitted in a blog post , “I messed up.” But he’s not offering a reversal on the price hike, simply... More »

Will Netflix Changes Make Us Dumber?

Convenience could kill off quality: Sam Adams

(Newser) - Netflix probably only had its bottom line in mind when it announced the separation of its streaming and DVD services, but does it signal something more sinister? "It increasingly seems like we’re moving toward a world in which the success of a given work of art is determined... More »

Amazon Scores NBCUniversal Streaming Deal

Amazon Prime customers can now access 7K shows, 2K movies

(Newser) - Netflix and Hulu beware: Amazon has struck a new blow in the battle for streaming content. A deal with NBCUniversal has added some 1,000 movies and TV shows to the web giant’s streaming library. Alongside a deal with CBS, Amazon now provides its Prime customers—who pay $79... More »

Newest Netflix Competitor: Walmart

Vudu now website

(Newser) - Netflix has a new competitor, and it's a behemoth: Walmart. The world's biggest retailer added Vudu, a movie streaming service it bought 18 months ago, to its site yesterday. Walmart now offers 20,000 titles to rent for $1 to $5.99, or to buy for $4.99... More »

New Conventional Wisdom: Netflix Really Stinks

Movie darling now scorned by millions in light of price hike

(Newser) - Netflix's new subscription plan, which hikes the cost of enjoying both streaming videos and sent-in-the-mail DVDs from $9.99 to $16—that's 60%—isn't winning it many friends. Amid a sea of anger, Newser picks some favorite reactions:
  • Points for brevity: "Netflix sucks," opines Pat'
... More »

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