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Mayer's Job: Figure Out What Yahoo Is

David Carr's guess: It's all about news

(Newser) - Yahoo is so unsure of its own goals that David Carr wonders "whether the frothy trademark Yahoo! should be replaced with Yahoo?," he writes in the New York Times . Now that Marissa Mayer is onboard as CEO, it's time for the company to define itself. And Carr... More »

China Orders Websites to Register Names of Users

Once-anonymous posters must register with true identities for 'social responsibility'

(Newser) - The Chinese government has quietly instructed news websites there to require new users and commenters to log on under their true identities, the New York Times reports. Netizens in China have long resisted the so-called “real name system,” which the government claims engenders “social responsibility” and greater... More »

With FriendFeed, Facebook Aims to Rule Social Media

FriendFeed buy is bid to consolidate Internet

(Newser) - Facebook’s $47.5 million purchase of FriendFeed is about more than competing with Twitter in real-time search, Chadwick Matlin argues for the Washington Post. Facebook could use FriendFeed and Facebook Connect to become a “social media aggregator”—a hub for all content its users create and peruse... More »

AOL Brings in Outside Help With Homepage Redesign

Gmail, Facebook will be accessible from firm's web portal

(Newser) - AOL is overhauling its portal page, incorporating third-party email services and social-networking sites into AOL.com, paidContent reports. The redesigned site allows users to perform global status updates, so a message sent from AOL would show up on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and more; users will also be able to view... More »

Supporters Blast Obama on His Own Website

Barackobama.com flooded with protests over FISA flip-flop

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s abrupt about-face on new FISA legislation that would grant immunity to telcos that aided the Bush administration in warrantless wiretaps has some supporters hopping mad—and they’re using the forums on the candidate's own website to protest, the New York Times reports. During the primaries Obama... More »

MySpace Takes Aim at Yahoo

Social networker seeks to become a portal

(Newser) - Myspace is retooling itself to become a more direct competitor to web portals, specifically Yahoo, BusinessWeek reports. Starting Wednesday, the popular social networking site will unveil changes to its homepage such as news headlines, local weather apps, and entertainment links. More »

Uneasy Lies the Yahoo That Wears Crown

Portal eyes overhaul to preserve slipping top-dog status

(Newser) - With Google, Facebook, and MySpace gnawing at its top-dog status, Yahoo is reinventing some foundation applications to make them appeal to a new generation of users, reports the New York Times. First step? Turbocharging Yahoo Mail to make it more a communications hub and less a post office, a prototype... More »

7 Stories