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Netflix Seem Slower? You're Not Imagining Things

Site's bandwidth usage spurs disagreements with providers

(Newser) - If your Netflix account seems to be running slower than usual these days, that's because it very likely is slower. Traffic conflicts between the service and major broadband providers—especially Verizon FiOS—are resulting in a slowdown, Wall Street Journal reports. Netflix says its average primetime speeds for Verizon... More »

Most Web Traffic Isn't Human

Bots now account for 61.5% of traffic

(Newser) - If you're an Internet user with blood in your veins and air in your lungs, you're now part of a shrinking minority, according to startling new research. Some 61% of web traffic is now non-human, made up of a motley assortments of bots generated by search engines, scrapers,... More »

Yahoo Overtakes Google in Traffic

Marissa Mayer has reason to celebrate

(Newser) - Yahoo just earned some nice bragging rights over Google: Marissa Mayer's company is the new king of web traffic, according to July stats from comScore. That's the first time Yahoo has beaten Google since May 2011 and will likely be seen as validation for Mayer's moves in... More »

30% of All Online Traffic Is Porn

ExtremeTech calls the estimate 'conservative'

(Newser) - Think pornography is popular online? One tech site estimates that 30% of all Internet traffic involves porn, with the world's biggest porno site trumping traffic on CNN or ESPN three times over, the New York Daily News reports. That site, Xvideos, draws 4.4 billion page views monthly—which... More »

iPads Make Up 2.1% of US Web Traffic

And that number's growing

(Newser) - If you thought the iPad was a fad, think again. Its share of web traffic has jumped 10% or more since March, giving it a full 1% of the world’s traffic, and 2.1% in the US, according to new data from NetMarketShare. Overall, June saw tablets and mobile... More »

Sorry, Google: Facebook Most-Visited Site in US

Social network eats up 8.9% of US visits

(Newser) - Facebook knocked Google from its cushy No. 1 slot this year, becoming the most-visited website in the US, Reuters reports. Between January and November, Facebook saw 8.9% of all US visits; Google.com saw 7.2%. If you count all of Google’s properties, like YouTube and Gmail, however,... More »

China Hijacks 15% of Web Traffic? Try .015%

Analysts: It's still a problem, but let's get the numbers straight

(Newser) - The tech blogosphere was buzzing this week with reports that China hijacked 15% of the world's Internet traffic for about 20 minutes and did possibly nefarious things with it before letting it go. Only thing is, the real figure was probably closer to .015%, writes Andy Greenberg at Forbes . He... More »

Is China's Web Hijack Cause for Worry? Probably

It's not clear if anything bad happened, but it highlights Internet weakness

(Newser) - A report to Congress alleges that China briefly hijacked a chunk of the world's web traffic, including some from US military facilities, before sending it on its way. (The actual amount rerouted is in dispute .) China denies it , but tech writers are pretty sure it happened. Cause for alarm?... More »

World Cup Swamps the Internet

News sites see record demand

(Newser) - World Cup fever is gripping the globe, and the internet can barely handle it. Today saw the greatest demand ever for news sites, according to Akamai’s bandwidth monitoring. Akamai, the world’s largest computer network operator, has received 11 million visitor requests every minute today, a 233% jump above... More »

Facebook's Traffic Tops Google's for Week

Social network site had done it for a day, but this is new

(Newser) - Facebook’s traffic from US visitors hit a new milestone for the week ending Saturday: It took the top spot from Google. The social-networking site had beaten the search giant on single days before, notably Christmas. Facebook’s traffic is up 185% over the same week in 2009, Hitwise reports,... More »

Twitter Closes In on 10B Tweets

Total posts up from 1B a year ago, 5B just 4 months ago

(Newser) - Twitter isn’t growing as explosively as it used to, but the volume of traffic on the microblogging site is still expanding fast enough that it should hit 10 billion total tweets in the coming days. That’s up from a billion about a year ago, and 5 billion just... More »

Twitter May Have Peaked

User numbers haven't inched upward since July

(Newser) - The number of Twitter users has flatlined in the last few months after explosive growth—and plenty of hype—in the early part of the year. December's total of 22 million visitors was down 770,000 from Twitter's August peak, according to analytics firm Compete. Some analysts, however—along with... More »

Facebook the No. 1 Christmas Website

Social network crowds out Google and Yahoo for first time

(Newser) - Facebook got a big present this holiday season: It was the No. 1 US website on Christmas and on Christmas Eve. Facebook, which lagged behind Google in second place last year, trounced that site and rival Yahoo—though the search engines generated more traffic throughout the balance of the year.... More »

YouTube Reaches 'Well Over' 1B Views Per Day

Google subsidiary takes the opportunity to gloat

(Newser) - In a move ripped right from the McDonald’s playbook, YouTube’s logo today comes with the tag “1 billion views per day!” That’s right, YouTube now gets “well over a billion views a day,” according to the site's official blog. Sure, execs are bragging,... More »

YouTube Could Take Down Your Internet

Surging demand for video may cause Web 'brownouts': experts

(Newser) - Watching those Susan Boyle and laughing baby clips on YouTube may soon come with a price: slower, shaky Internet connections, the Telegraph reports. Experts warn of a “brownout,” caused by outdated web systems unable to keep pace with surging online use of video sites, that will paralyze computers,... More »

Stewart Ratings Soar With Cramer Takedown

Clip gets 1.5M views; week's site traffic surges

(Newser) - Jon Stewart’s attacks on CNBC host Jim Cramer have been ratings gold for the late-night satirist, Variety reports. An 8-minute rant has garnered 1.5 million views, Comedy Central says, and plenty of press attention. Unique usage for the Daily Show site has soared 65% this week amid a... More »

Food Network Cooks Up Winning Web Strategy

Revenue growth from Web offerings burns the competition

(Newser) - Food Network has found the recipe for double-digit revenue increases during one of the harshest first quarters for media companies in recent memory, Advertising Age reports. Turns out it’s guacamole. FoodNetwork.com saw a 44% spike in ad revenue in January, in large part due to viewers seeking recipes... More »

Plane Crash Tweets Help Twitter Overtake Digg

Microblogging site gets the edge in market share for first time since launch

(Newser) - Twitter traffic has overtaken Digg for the first time since the microblogging site's launch, Hitwise reports. The newcomer edged up to #84 last week—one spot above Digg—after the US Airways crash spawned a huge number of updates. A photo of the scene taken by a Twitter user on... More »

Live-Streaming Websites Smash Records With Obama

(Newser) - Websites streaming video of the inauguration reported record activity today, while a partnership between Facebook and CNN enabled thousands of people a minute to comment on the proceedings, Crain's reports. By late afternoon, CNN reported 21.3 million live video streams, while MSNBC had 9 million live streams and 5... More »

High Traffic Delays Windows 7 Beta Rollout

Company's site crumbles under demand

(Newser) - After promising the world Windows 7 Beta on Wednesday, Microsoft had to pull the plug on its download site due to cripplingly high traffic, CNET reports today. “We are adding some additional infrastructure support,” Microsoft said, “before we post the public beta.” Microsoft hopes to have... More »

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