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Ex-Florida GOP Chair: Yep, We Disenfranchised Blacks

Current GOP officials say Jim Greer just distracting from his own crimes

(Newser) - Liberals have been accusing recent GOP-led voter ID laws of aiming to disenfranchise minorities , who tend to vote Democrat. Now former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer is saying on record that, yes, those laws are actually about stopping black people from voting, reports Salon , picking up on a story in... More »

Biden to NAACP: GOP Attacks Civil Rights

Veep: 'This ain't your father's Republican party'

(Newser) - Joe Biden's reception at Houston's NAACP convention was a far cry from Mitt Romney's . Amid much audience enthusiasm, Biden warned the crowd that today's GOP is threatening the very thing the NAACP was created to protect: civil rights. "Remember what this (group), at its core,... More »

Money Clash Divides Occupy Protesters

'I've seen this coming for a while': protester

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street seems to have its own 1%: Over the past few days, a fracture has opened between leaders of the movement who control its cash and tent-dwellers who are feeling rather frosty and forgotten, MSNBC reports. The divide led to yelling and jockeying at a general assembly meeting... More »

GOP Sparks Fight Over College Kids' Voting Rights

NH, Wisconsin, North Carolina could make it trickier for students to vote

(Newser) - Republican state legislators across the US are stirring up controversy with proposals to tighten voting laws in ways that would affect college kids. The Washington Post points to a particularly heated bill in New Hampshire that would bar out-of-state students from voting in their college towns. Opponents say the efforts,... More »

Tea Party Boss: Only Property Owners Should Be Able to Vote

Suggests return to 18th-century rule

(Newser) - The president of the Tea Party Nation says it “makes a lot of sense” to limit voting rights to those who own property. On the group’s radio show two weeks ago, Judson Phillips noted that the Founding Fathers stuck “certain restrictions” on voting rights; while some “... More »

Voter Activist Tim Robbins Rejected at Polling Place

Glitch forces celeb to fight for his right to vote

(Newser) - Tim Robbins’ Election Day was complicated by a glitch in the voter rolls, leaving the actor in exactly the situation he has described when urging Americans to fight for their right to vote. Workers at the Chelsea polling station where he's voted for more than 10 years couldn’t find... More »

Dems Spar Over Suit to Block Vegas Voters

Clinton-friendly union objects to caucuses for Obama supporters

(Newser) - Barack Obama is among those who aren't happy about the Nevada lawsuit challenging at-large caucuses set up to enable Las Vegas Strip shift workers to vote Saturday. Obama pointed the finger at Hillary Clinton's campaign for challenging the rules only after the Culinary Workers Union endorsed him. "The rules... More »

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