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Tennis Umps Reportedly Mull a Boycott of Serena Games

They feel 'thrown to the wolves,' per rumblings

(Newser) - Serena Williams has already been hit with a $17,000 fine for a confrontation Saturday at the US Open with the chair umpire. Now she may face a boycott from other umps who stand behind Carlos Ramos, per the Washington Post . In Serena's court: the US Tennis Association, tennis... More »

Here's the Lineup of Big Cases Headed to SCOTUS

Justices to take on worker rights, religious freedom, redistricting, sports betting cases

(Newser) - The Supreme Court term that, by law, begins on the first Monday in October includes several high-profile cases dealing with controversial social issues or with the potential to affect millions of Americans. The justices probably won't hear the dispute over President Trump's travel ban, originally scheduled for October,... More »

Unions Blast 'Blatantly Political' Suit Headed to SCOTUS

Supreme Court will look at whether all public employees have to pay 'fair share' fees

(Newser) - Teachers and other public employees are now eyeing the Supreme Court after it announced Thursday it will take on a case next summer that may have big repercussions for unions. The Los Angeles Times reports the high court will look at overruling the requirement that all public employees, not just... More »

Trump's Latest Target: Carrier Union President

Leader accused president-elect of lying about saving jobs

(Newser) - In the four weeks he has been president-elect, Donald Trump's tweets have targeted the New York Times, the cast of Hamilton, China, flag-burners, Boeing, and Saturday Night Live, among others—and now it's the turn of Chuck Jones, president of the union that represents Carrier employees in Indianapolis.... More »

NLRB Spikes Northwestern Players' Move to Unionize

Nation's first union of college athletes won't be happening

(Newser) - The National Labor Relations Board today dismissed a historic ruling that Northwestern University football players are school employees who are entitled to form what would be the nation's first union of college athletes. The losing side does not have an option to appeal. "That is it. That's... More »

Scott Walker: I've Taken on Unions, So I Can Handle ISIS

Wis. governor isn't even officially running for president yet, but he seems confident

(Newser) - Scott Walker hasn't officially declared he's running for president, but the Wisconsin governor knows if he were president, he'd be able to handle ISIS. Why? Because he's taken on public unions. In a speech yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (aka the "conservative Woodstock"... More »

JetBlue Pilots to Unionize

They had rejected the move twice before

(Newser) - The National Mediation Board said today that pilots at JetBlue voted overwhelmingly to unionize, reversing two earlier votes. The pilots will join the Air Line Pilots Association. Of the 96% of pilots eligible to vote, the association said 71% voted to unionize. JetBlue has more than 2,500 pilots. Both... More »

Anti-Union Movement Is Bad News for America

Harold Meyerson: This is politics, not economics

(Newser) - Michigan's new anti-union law isn't about economics or creating jobs, much as its GOP supporters would like everyone to believe, writes Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post . No, this is pure politics. How else to explain that police and firefighters, whose contracts cost local governments a pretty penny,... More »

Unions Vow Revenge in Right-to-Work Fight

Laws headed for court battle, 2014 showdown

(Newser) - The battle has just begun over Michigan's newly passed right-to-work laws, labor leaders vowed today. Opponents of the law have already filed two lawsuits against it, the Detroit News reports, and they intend to make it the centerpiece of the 2014 election, which will see all the state's... More »

Walker's Victory Bad News for Labor

But will that mean it's bad for Democrats, too?

(Newser) - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's victory in a fierce recall battle is a costly blow to labor that will likely have major repercussions across the nation, notes the Wall Street Journal. Inspired by Walker's ability to withstand a challenge to his labor changes cutting collective bargaining rights for most... More »

Ohio Voters Reject Anti-Union Measure

It would have limited collective bargaining rights

(Newser) - Ohio voters today defeated the state's new collective bargaining law after an expensive union-backed campaign that pitted firefighters, police officers, and teachers against the Republican establishment. In a political blow to GOP Gov. John Kasich, voters handily rejected the law, which would have limited the bargaining abilities of 350,... More »

Unions Join Occupy Wall Street

Even as movement 'occupies' other cities

(Newser) - The Occupy Wall Street movement is getting a whole lot bigger. A coalition of New York’s established unions is jumping on board, including the local branches of the United Federation of Teachers, Workers United, and the Transport Workers Union, Crain’s New York Business reports. This evening, many will... More »

Hoffa: Let's 'Take Out' Tea Partiers

'They started the war,' say Teamsters

(Newser) - Furious Tea Partiers are demanding that President Obama call Teamsters union boss James Hoffa to heel after he urged workers at a Labor Day rally to "take out" party members. "They've got a war. We're going to win that war," Hoffa said in Detroit before... More »

Starring in Target's Anti-Union Training Film: Union Actors

Hey, it's just a job, says AFTRA member

(Newser) - Oh, Target: Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to hire union actors for your anti-union employee training video. The video, which Gawker dubs “propaganda,” was created in 2003 but made headlines this week when that site made it publicly viewable for the first time. Now Salon... More »

Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin's Anti-Union Law

Says GOP violated open meetings law in vote

(Newser) - A Wisconsin county judge has struck down the state’s controversial law limiting public unions’ collective bargaining rights, ruling that Republicans broke the state’s open meeting law when passing it . In her ruling, Judge Maryann Sumi wrote that she wasn’t ruling against the law because it was “... More »

Torqued at Dems, Unions Sit on Wallets

Support to House Democrats drops nearly 50% in first quarter

(Newser) - Angry at lack of support by the Democratic Party in the face of Republican attacks, unions have sharply cut back their financial support, reports the Washington Post . Union political action committee spending for House Democrats dropped nearly in half for the first quarter of 2011, compared to the same period... More »

In Wisconsin, the System Worked

Ezra Klein: Republicans fought legislative trickery with their own

(Newser) - Critics are calling Scott Walker's legislative end run around AWOL Democrats in Wisconsin last night an affront to democracy. But it's "certainly as legitimate as the Democrats fleeing the state to deny the Republicans quorum," writes Ezra Klein in the Washington Post . Think of it this way: Democrats... More »

Wisconsin Senate Passes Anti-Union Measure

GOP's surprise move strips workers of most collective bargaining rights

(Newser) - Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate voted today to strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from public workers after discovering a way to bypass the chamber's missing Democrats. The measure now goes to the Assembly, which is expected to approve it tomorrow. The Senate requires a quorum to take up any... More »

Wisconsin Cops Tackle Rep Heading Into Capitol

Does Wisconsin want its Democratic politicians inside, or not?

(Newser) - Vigilant Wisconsin cops jumped a man heading into Madison's protest-wracked capitol building Thursday night and wrestled him to the ground. The problem? He was a state legislator trying to get to work. In video of the takedown, officers try to block a WISN cameraman as Democratic state Rep. Nick Milroy... More »

After 1am Vote, Things Get Crazier in Wisconsin

Walker abandons deadline for passing bill restricting union rights

(Newser) - Wisconsin's assembly approved a controversial bill stripping public sector workers of collective bargaining rights early Friday morning after a grueling 61-hour debate. Just after 1am, Republicans abruptly cut off debate and announced a voice vote. Chaos erupted—Republicans shouted their ayes, Democrats booed, and within seconds the electronic vote system... More »

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