Andre Carson

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Black Caucus Rep: Tea Party Wants to Lynch Us

'This is the effort that we're seeing of Jim Crow'

(Newser) - Indiana Rep. Andre Carson is taking a lot of heat today, after comments he made accusing the Tea Party of being racist were posted on The Blaze (see video). “This is the effort that we’re seeing of Jim Crow,” Carson declared at a Congressional Black Caucus event... More »

Indiana Pols Avoid Obama/ Clinton Decision

Host of factors makes five House Dems wary of May 6 endorsement

(Newser) - Indiana is poised to become a major battleground in the Democratic presidential race, but Indiana’s Democratic House representatives look like they’re ducking the firefight. Four of the five are in their first terms, seemingly unwilling to risk angering party brass or alienating voters. Indiana’s contest looks incredibly... More »

Congress Braces for Youthquake

Blue-haired lawmakers see resurgence of 20-, 30-somethings

(Newser) - Generations X and Y are setting their sights on Washington—and not as congressional pages, reports the Hill. More than a dozen candidates under 40 have a good shot at winning seats, potentially shaving a few years off the average legislator age, now nearing 60. But much like Barack Obama,... More »

3 Stories